10 Ways to Earn Money While Travelling

10 Ways to Earn Money While Travelling

As much as one can be tempted to travel, one cannot escape the concern about expenditure on the trip. As if you saving for a trip was not less of a task, saving or earning for that matter, on a trip can be quite contemplative. Good news, with the surge in traveling, the surge in opportunities to earn while traveling is surging too. There are a plethora of opportunities out there that ensure making some bucks, not to mention the soul-satisfying, local experience of working at a place. Intrigued? Here are ten ways to earn money while traveling so you can start to Plan your trip now!

  1. Strut your stuff on the streets

If you think of a talent that could possibly earn you some money – dance, playing an instrument, singing, theater among others, many places across the globe encourage street entertainment and you could just be appreciated monetarily.

  1. Teach your skill

Teaching your skill, some hobby like pottery, clay art, sculpting, some form of indigenous painting, writing, poetry or even some language can be a great idea. Teaching English is especially very much welcomed in many non-English speaking regions.

  1. Pitch for some travel program

There are several travel programs that need takers. Either broadcasted or featured on a local or larger level, these programs are a great way to not practice your knowledge about a particular region but also earn money.

  1. Season-specific work

In tropical countries especially, there is a lot of scope for doing seasonal activities like picking seasonal vegetables, seasonal flowers, seasonal fruits, and other related activities. This is also a great way to experience local occupation.

  1. Opt for hostel volunteering

One of the quirkiest ways to explore the option of earning while traveling is to volunteer with local hostels. Not only do these take care of your food and accommodation but also offer rewards for your volunteering.

  1. Multilingual jobs at hotels or bars

Small-scale hotels and bars are a great place to meet fellow travelers and check out the local hanging-out scene. You will be especially welcomed at places that have a concentration of a particular language speakers. However, to do so, a working holiday visa is something you will have to look into.

  1. Guided-tours in a particular language

Places like Europe see a mix of tourists. You have a good advantage to yourself if you are multilingual. For example, there are a plethora of East-Asian tourists here, among others. Make sure to brush up your facts but before you consider this.

  1. Freelancing online

The world wide web is a great way to ensure you are not missing out any opportunities. Just get a internet connection and you have a window full of opportunities for you to explore.

  1. Online sale

How cool would it be to sell something what someone else in another part of the desires? Perhaps some Indian Tanjore paintings, tapestry from the Flanders region, some Mexican tequila, or Korean skincare!

  1. Blog about it

Last but not the least, the thing that seems to be trending like never- Blogging! Depending on your content and quality you can earn some amazing sponsors, all you need is variety here.

With this list of ideas, you are certain to have found yourself a variety of options that will definitely earn you some bucks as you explore a place!

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