Adaptive Learning In Ten Questions Infographics

adaptive learning

Increasingly, adaptive learning harnesses the full potential of new technologies and draws on new and interesting concepts such as artificial intelligence or big data. But what exactly is this type of learning and what does it offer students and teachers? We explain, in ten questions and answers, the keys to this educational proposal that allows to customize the sequence of learning and attend to the needs and characteristics of each student in real time and achieving a learning process much more effective . TEN QUESTION ON ADAPTIVE LEARNING 1. What…

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The 10 Educational Blogs Essential For The New Course

New Course

There are many blogs about education that are worth visiting from time to time. Teachers, educators, family … in short, people interested in education and who want to share their ideas and knowledge about it with us. They are great proposals that help us improve our education every day! Do not miss a detail of this list: Justify your answer: Santiago Moll, professor of Language Castellana, gives teachers tips and tricks to fill the day-to-day in the classroom with motivation and inspiration. A space full of original articles, highly recommended!…

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