Delhi, the capital city

Delhi, the capital city of India

Delhi, the capital city of India, is a wonder in its own. It is the place that has a unique blend of the historical monuments and the modernized lifestyle. It is also the place to be for any architecture enthusiast wherein, one has to explore this place for the architectural brilliance filled in it. Another reason to visit these monuments is to learn about the history behind these places.  The architectures that are present in the area are centuries old and represent a significant time period. And amidst these beautiful…

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P & P, The Blog That Parodies Fashion Blogs

Parodies Fashion Blogs

Surfing on the success of the fashioners staging on the net, two friends gently mock them on their own blog. Only hic: it is so well done that one becomes addicted!For a month, the new blog of fashion that makes talk about it is none other than a pastiche very neat of the blogs of fashionistas better known. There are, for example, Louise ‘s large glasses and Alix’ s pastel shorts , but the first ones are made of cardboard and the latter are worn on legs all hairy! P…

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