1. Hins Understand: “Healthy is the new Sexy”, yes because before starting her blog Amel was not at all sporty, and then she started running, then fitness and many others until losing 12 pounds , Become a bomb, and give us all its good sports and nutrition advice. 2. Anne & Dubndidu Blogueuse fashion blogger fashion AND sporty, Anne gives us all her sporting tricks with style! If you are preparing for the We Own The Night race this Sunday, his articles will help you a lot. 3.…

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What Sports To Have Dream Abs

Sports To Have Dream Abs

Postural muscles, abdominal muscles help not only prevent pain and back injuries, but also maintain a dream figure. If the famous “chocolate bars” are acclaimed, it is too often forgotten that “abs” is a complex muscle group that can be worked in multiple ways to achieve harmonious muscularity and well-being. Whatever your goals, here are some interesting activities to look after your abdominals. Read more “ Muscle Sartorius (formerly a tailor): Anatomy and functions 6 June 2017 0 image:×600.jpg Superficial muscle of the anterior chamber of the thigh, the…

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