What Is The Impact Of Social Media On Our Daily Lives

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When we talk about the effect of social media, then many people talk about its business aspects such as social media marketing or related SEO. Many other people comes up with a lot of negative impacts that the world has seen because of social media. But that is not the full picture because this new way of communication positively changed the world. Here you can find some of the positive impacts of social media on our daily lives. Empowerment for work In present time more and more home based parents…

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Does It Matter If You Go to a Prestigious College?

Does It Matter If You Go to a Prestigious College

Harvard. Yale. Princeton. These are household names that automatically call to mind prestige, molding young minds into the elite earners of the future. These schools are among the best places to pursue a higher education and that reputation brings with it a pretty high price tag where tuition is concerned. Since these institutions are so revered, they see thousands of applicants each year, many of whom do not get accepted for whatever reason. That can be soul-crushing for students who had high hopes for attending one of these so-called prestigious…

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