3 Beautiful Jewellery Gifts for Stylish Mums

3 Beautiful Jewellery Gifts for Stylish Mums

Mums are notoriously difficult to buy gifts for! Nevertheless, it’s very important that you show your love and appreciation to your mum at Christmas, while she’s in the kitchen roasting the turkey and working away. So, pour her a big glass of Christmas wine and give her a gift she’ll absolutely love!

Below you can discover 3 beautiful jewellery gifts that every mum would love to receive, all from our favourite online jewellery store: Pilgrim.


For mums that have their ears pierced, you can find a lovely selection of earrings at Pilgrim. Their designs are modern, simple and often minimalist. The silver-plated hoop earrings are a timeless classic that will suit every woman, regardless of skin tone and hair colour.

For something extra special, why not look at the rose gold “boomerang” earrings? They are perfect for feminine mums who love pink colours! Buy her these lovely earrings and a scarf to match. Or you could add to the gift by finding matching lipstick or shoes.

There are also some very simple, elegant studs available at Pilgrim: perfect for mums that don’t want to show off. Simple studs in silver, gold or hematite are modern and luxurious without being over the top.


All the bracelets for sale at Pilgrim are handmade in Denmark, nickel free and absolutely gorgeous! The simple styles make for very elegant jewellery pieces that are perfect for busy or working mums. Treat your mum to the elegant shape bracelet. The gold one is very luxurious and with a simple design is perfect for any woman with any type of fashion style.

Buy several chunky cuff style bracelets or go for one simple elegant bracelet, depending on your mum’s style. You should also consider what other bracelets your mum wears – make sure any new ones will look great when worn alongside her favourite bracelets and watches.

You can also find delightful charm bracelets which give the gift a little personal touch – pick the charms that best fit your wonderful mother.

Statement Necklaces

If your mum doesn’t have her ears pierced and doesn’t like wearing bracelets, you can still find her a beautiful statement necklace that she will instantly fall in love with. Head over to Pilgrim and start browsing their collection of winter necklaces. If you’re unsure which to buy, have a look at these specific necklaces:

A simple silver star on a silver chain – very Christmassy and silver metals go with most colours so your mum can pair it with any outfit.

Horoscope necklaces – buy a beautiful horoscope necklace that shows your mum’s star sign! These bring good luck, you know.

The Evelyn necklace – a simple hoop on necklace. This is a timeless classic that your mum can treasure for years.

Any gift you buy from Pilgrim will be loved by your mum. Happy Christmas shopping!

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