3 Reasons You Need a Wine Rack

one specific cupboard for your wine or is it stacked in with the cider and spirits? That is not how it should be done.

Love a glass of wine in the evenings? You need a wine rack to store your wine. It’s not just about organising your kitchen and showing off your great taste in décor, it’s good for the wine too! Wine racks don’t have to be very expensive, or even that big.

Keep reading to find out the 3 big reasons why you need to invest in a wine rack for your home.

Get Organised

Do you have one specific cupboard for your wine or is it stacked in with the cider and spirits? That is not how it should be done.

Get organised with your wine collection! With a rack you can display all your wine in one go. Maybe you’ll try a new bottle this week instead of your old favourite. Separate the reds from the whites and have the rose somewhere in the middle – now you can start to really get into wine and pick the right colour for your meal.

Organising your wine bottles and having them all on display rather than at the back of the cupboard looks great and frees up cupboard space for other kitchen utensils.

The Best Wine Around

Storing your wine in a rack isn’t just about practicality. Storing wine in the correct manner is very important to ensuring that the wine tastes great and stays that way. Wine should be stored in a cool, dark place in a horizontal position, rather than upright in a cupboard or worse, the fridge.

A wine rack makes sure that wine stays in the correct position and looks great. Some racks will pile the wine bottles up (which is great for small spaces like the kitchen countertop) or can cover an entire wall with a mass of shelves and holes. Depending on how many bottles you are planning to have on display, you’ll want a different sized rack.

Place your rack in a cool, dark place if possible. Whatever you do, don’t have it near a radiator or in direct sunlight.

No matter which rack you pick, make sure it keeps your bottles horizontal for the best wine around!

Classy Home Décor

Picking a wine rack is all about showing off your wine and being a wine connoisseur, or at least trying to be. You need a rack that fits with your interior décor.

If you live in an old-fashioned house, perhaps with exposed wooden beams, large fireplaces and an old kitchen, take a look at using barrels to store your wine. If your home is very modern, light and airy with Scandinavian design input, take a look at the geometric shelving in light wood tones. For modern, sleek homes with dark furnishings, try darker woods for your wine rack. Pine is particularly nice when varnished in dark, nutty colours!

If you still can’t decide, head over to Wine And Barrels for a big sortiment of wine racks to choose from!

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