3 Ways To Improve The Acoustics Of Your Home

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The comfort of your home depends on several factors. For example, the location of the house, the light entry, the energy consumption … The insulation is also decisive. And we’re not just talking about thermal insulation. Sound insulation is just as important. No one appreciates disturbing neighbors or experiencing outside noise . Find out here what you can do to improve the acoustics of your home .

1. Insulating windows and doors

Is your home more than ten years old? It is then likely that a large amount of heat will disappear through the cracks and cracks in your home. Especially if your windows and doors have not been renovated recently. Opt at least for double glazing , and invest in quality profiles for your windows and doors. Choose insulating materials such as PVC or aluminum. You will notice the difference on your energy bill!

2. Post-insulate the hollow walls

Post-insulation of hollow walls is another method to help you maintain a constant temperature in your home. A hollow wall consists of two parts: the outer wall and the inner wall. These are separated by a space. In energy efficient homes , this opening is isolated. This is not always the case in older buildings, but the post-isolation technique can remedy this problem.

 3. Cork: the icing on the cake

Did you know that cork brings a finishing touch to the acoustics of your home? This insulation material is one of the best known and a reference in sound insulation. For comparison: one millimeter of quality cork displays the same insulation value as four centimeters of concrete.

One cubic centimeter of cork has at least 40 million cells. These absorb the noise optimally and suppress any resonance, both in the rooms themselves and in the floors below. The pitch noise and the vibrations are also strongly damped. It is not surprising that cork is the favorite floor covering of interior designers for the decoration of hotels and meeting rooms. But cork also proves its usefulness in your own home: cork floors and walls are perfect for playrooms, study rooms, offices and bedrooms.

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