4 Worst luggage packing issues and how you should deal with them

4 Worst luggage packing issues and how you should deal with them

As long as packing is concerned, even a very small mistake like including an item that’s prohibited, inside your carry-on bag can spiral out to become a chain of several messy events which might even make you miss your flight. However, these days, travelers are lucky enough that they don’t have to be subject to tears when they face such luggage issues while traveling as we’re there to help them with the best possible advice beforehand.

Irrespective of whether you’re handling a confiscated item at a long security queue or a surplus of souvenirs or a broken bad or a sudden spill, with a little bit of luggage packing know-how, you can spell the difference between a tension-free getaway and a disaster. Just as luggagehero.com allows you to keep your luggage safe and secured at local stores so that you could chill out with your group without the burden, there are many other things that you need to know.

Issue #1: Any of your prized possession is confiscated by the airport authority

In case the security officer thinks that the 4-ounce designer perfume bottle is unsafe and removes it from your carry-on bag, do you think it’s lost for good? No, not always! If he confiscates an item which is precious to you or which holds enough value, you should ask him about it politely. You might be lucky enough and the officer might say ‘yes’. From the next time, make sure you check your luggage before driving into the airport and remove all such heavy bottles from your carry-on bags.

Issue #2: A rush of souvenirs

There are many who think that any extra space in their suitcase would be perfect for stuffing souvenirs. The liquid-filled snow globes aren’t allowed past the airport security point. When you literally have no space in your bag, how are you supposed to bring back those expensive bottles of Italian merlot which you bought for your best friend? You can mail the thing yourself by using the biggest international shipping companies like FedEx or UPS.

Issue #3: You left an important thing at home

Suppose you’re moving into the airport and it suddenly dawns upon you that you’ve forgotten to bring your mobile phone charger or wallet. In such a situation, you shouldn’t panic. You can either be brave enough to go without that vital thing or treat yourself with something good at the airport in case you continue to feel upset. But if it’s the passport, you will definitely have to turn the car around and rush for your home.

Issue #4: Your luggage suddenly breaks

The worst thing that could happen to you due to an overstuffed bag is probably a broken luggage or a broken zipper. You should be prepared to face such a situation. Duct tape should be taken at the top of the list and if you didn’t take it, find out some tape. Look for shops that may sell tape or ask your fellow travelers.

Therefore, whenever you plan to go out for a trip, you should ward yourself from the above listed luggage issues so that you can have a happy and memorable trip.

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