5 Classy Accent Chairs To Spice Up Your Living Room

5 Classy Accent Chairs To Spice Up Your Living Room

Most of your family time that you spend must be in the living room of the house. But, when there are many people, only couches wouldn’t do. Offer more seating; it’s a nice idea to use the extra space of a room wisely. Rather, adding an accent chair give good spice to you living room furniture. You can also match it with your home décor that gives an extra mark to the already existing furniture and providing an additional seating too.

If you are thinking to buy accent chairs online UK, here are some of the dazzling chairs, one of which you would definitely want to bring home.

  1. O’sum Occasional Chair

You might have seen such kind of chairs many a times. A simple add up to any ordinary occasion at your place. Light in weight and easily movable in any part of the house; usually armless due to its light weight nature with tortuous silhouette!

  1. Comfy Club Chair

It is an upholstery chair with super deep seating and nail head, covered with leather. If you like reading books, no other chairs would be more comfortable than this. The name of this chair is originated from ’fauteuil confortable’, at France in a chic design studio which means, ‘comfy chair’.

  1. Blissful Bergère Chair

They easily catch the attention with the wooden frame surrounded with the upholstered back and seat with a cushion too. Gaining popularity since the 17th century of French palace life, they are also a part of stateside palaces, found in White House. Perfect match with the ottoman sofas!

  1. Wow Wingback Chair

Make space for this chair for it has a tall back and signature wings. To give a strong and elegant look next to a fire place in the room. Take it away! However! They are not easy to move when you call for a party.

  1. Stylish Slipper Chair

Bring home the upholstered yellow chair as an extra seating next to the coffee table and are ideally fit for the dining too. Suitable for a compact living house! It has an armless execution with seats near to the ground and a delicate silhouette.

There’s an interesting story behind the name of this chair. It was during the Victorian era during 18th century, where the need emerged for the ladies to slip in and out of their shoes; and hence, this name.

Blended right with the velvet accent chairs mixed with the modern touch, might often attract a person to sneak-peek into your living space that you have beautifully designed. But don’t make an extra effort to make it match with the furniture, because these chairs unique in themselves giving a blooming look to your living room.

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