5 dressing tips for college girls

Stylish, sedate and immensely attractive – let this be your mantra when you dress for college. We present 5 invaluable tips for college dressing.

Being a college student sure is fun. The only responsibility you have is to study hard and get good grades. You’re not a child any more, and you’re not grown up enough to start

working. It’s a wonderful phase to be in, so do make the most of it!

But being a college student also comes with another task – that of looking great! You are in the pink of health and quite svelte, so you are able to carry off any look. But before you start buying everything from denim skirts to Anarkali dresses, here’s something to take on board:

1. Know the dress code. Most colleges in India follow a dress code, so it is wise to be cognisant about it. Some colleges will have a strict ‘No shorts, no skirts’ policy, while others might take objection to sleeveless clothing. The college will have the dress code affixed prominently on the notice board, so shop for your clothing accordingly.

2. Stock up on seasonal clothing. Being a college student often means long days of lectures, followed by tuition classes, practical lab sessions, field trips for study, college festivals, etc. It’s a busy, exciting life – but you should not be too busy to look great. You will be expected to have a minimum attendance at college, so make sure you have clothing that suits every season. You will need layers in the cold winter months (think shrugs, jackets and pullovers) and light summer clothing when the weather gets hot (think maxi or skater dresses). Boys can also invest in sweatshirts and jackets, as also light cotton tees and chinos when the weather turns.

3.Be prepared for special days. Your college will have festivals, Rose Day, Friendships Day, Traditional Day, Saree Day, and so many others. You will need clothing to go with each and every one, so get shopping on your favourite app. It is best to have a few ethnic wear pieces in your wardrobe – we suggest a few Anarkali dresses, some kurta-churidar options, and some simple kurtas to go with jeans and capris.

4. Have a lot of casuals in stock. On the subject of Anarkali dresses, may we also mention that while you are stocking up on ethnic wear, you should also have a lot of casuals in your wardrobe? The fun of being a college student is that nobody expects you to be a serious dresser – you can wear whatever you want and nobody will raise an eyebrow. Get some cool graphic tees, denim pants, chinos, long shrugs and crop tops.

5. Buy bags for different occasions. College students need to carry a LOT of stuff – books, periodicals, stationery, lunch box, water bottle, wet wipes, make-up bag, wallet, mobile phone charger…the works! A backpack is the safest option for a college student, since it is roomy and holds everything. It is also quite versatile, and can go with most of your clothing. On days that you have just a few lectures or a class trip, you can carry a smaller bag or a tote.

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