Add age Ideas For Sustainable Development In Retirement Homes

Development In Retirement Homes

With the assistance of 13 establishments and 2 home-based services, FNAQPA has demonstrated that it is possible to take sustainable development actions in the structures for the elderly. And even more so, that this approach to the future improves the quality of life of people while giving back meaning to the trades of accompaniment. A toolkit is available for organizations wishing to follow a corporate social responsibility (CSR) approach.

Thanks to the financial support of the CNSA and Agirc-Arrco, for more than two years, 15 Addictive Housing Facilities (EHPAD) and Voluntary Nursing Home Services To develop their method of operation in order to put in place a sustainable development approach. They analyzed and then adapted their purchasing policy, their energy and waste management. They have also experimented with new management methods that are more focused on the comfort and quality of life of the elderly and professionals.

For example, by having a comprehensive approach to nutrition and food services, institutions meet the nutritional needs and taste of residents while fighting waste. By using hygiene products in premises or laundry certified or non-emissive volatile organic compounds, establishments are more respectful of the health of their residents and the environment. They have also worked on the acoustics, the luminosity and the ergonomics of the places of life to tend towards an approach of comfort “like at home”.

The CSR approach, a source of savings but also motivation

Add’ge action research has shown that economic aspects are not the only reason for engaging in a CSR approach.

A structured CSR approach is a real social lever that gives meaning to the business lines, involves all the teams in the organization. It is a source of motivation for staff. The benefit then directly benefits the elderly that these professionals accompany. In this regard, the recommendations are to carry out health promotion actions to help employees preserve their health capital, which is as essential as that of residents, and to integrate culture as a factor of social cohesion.

A toolkit accessible to all institutions and services

Thanks to this action research, FNAQPA is now making available to all the establishments or services, several tools that allow us to embark on a sustainable development approach.
One of them, the DD Guide gives the keys to actions:

  • Structuring the process by setting up an ad-hoc committee, appointing a referent and writing a sustainable development policy and presenting it to its partners.
  • Defining a purchasing policy (mapping its purchases, setting precise selection criteria, contracting with committed plants or groups, training for eco-labels, etc.). Procurement is the backbone of a global and sustainable approach.
  • Establish a formalized waste management plan. All waste can be reclaimed. The reduction of waste is a means of making very significant savings, by reducing waste, revalorization …
  • Be concerned about its energy consumption.

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