Are You Planning to Install Split Air Conditioner?

Are You Planning to Install Split Air Conditioner?

In many locations window AC may not be fitted due to various limitations. Therefore, many people these days prefer to install split AC at home and office as it can be fitted in any location of the wall easily. Split AC’s are usually sleek in shape and can cool the room quickly without producing any unwanted noise.

However, in split ACs there are two separate units. The duct unit which will throw cool air is placed inside the room while the exhaust unit is located outside and the two units are interconnected by a bunch of harness which passes through the wall of the house. Therefore, while considering the cost of your split AC you have to not only consider the cost of the AC unit and exhaust unit, but also installation cost as well.

Therefore, while considering about split AC, your budget must have sufficient provision to accommodate various other additional costs that you need to bear in order to do complete installation of the split Air conditioner.

Basic cost of split AC

When you buy the split AC from the showroom then they will supply you the AC duct and the outdoor unit along with the wiring harness. The cost of any Lloyd split AC can be in the range of Rs. 25000 to Rs. 40000 depending upon their tonnage and various other features they offer. The price of AC may also considerably vary based on their star rating too. You can get up to 5-star rating. Higher the number of stars, the power consumption will be proportionally lower, but the basic cost of the AC unit will increase.

Most of the split AC that you get from the show room is two-unit systems. The AC duct unit is installed inside the room and the exhaust unit is installed outside. Both these units are interconnected through a wire harness.

Another popular option is available with some of the brands of Split AC are multi head or multi split system. In such system there is one exhaust unit that is installed outside. There will be numbers of indoor units that are fitted in different locations of the room. Such AC’s are preferred where larger areas need to be cooled. This kind of split AC will cost at least 5 to 6 times of the usual 2-unit split AC cost.

What other costs are involved?

In any cities of India, the power fluctuation is very common thing to occur. Therefore, you need to spend your money to buy a suitable voltage stabilizer of the power rating that should be able to provide stable AC voltage to the AC unit. The compressor of the AC is very sensitive to power fluctuations. Besides that, if there is frequent power tripping then the stabilizer must have built in timer facility so that AC will be given power after some gap of time in order to protect the compressor.

In addition to that you also have to call HVAC people to install both the units of the split AC. The harness will be passed through the wall in order to connect both units. This will also need some installation cost based on the location of the AC unit.

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