Best Relaxation Techniques

Best Relaxation Techniques

What do you do when you feel bogged down, and you just need a way to let it all out? Do you have a healthy relaxation technique? In this fast-paced world, you have to take a moment to breathe and to let out all the stress or any negative emotion that is putting you down. The need for relaxation at your convenience is the reason why you will come across an in-home massage Toronto.

While you will come across multiple relaxation techniques, you will also realize that they all serve one purpose – the techniques are intended to calm your nerves. Stress leads to the buildup of hormones in the body and high concentrations of hormones will leave your heart pounding, resulting in fast breathing and tensed muscles. These are all stress responses. The stress responses are prehistoric, and they helped us survive threats like floods and storms. However, our bodies respond to challenging situations similarly hence the need for relaxation or de-stressing.

Some of the most effective relaxation techniques that promise to bring calm to your life include:

Breath focus

This is a powerful relaxation technique that involves taking long, slow and deep breaths, belly/ abdominal breathing if you like. Belly breathing disengages your brain from distracting thoughts and sensations. Breathing exercises work well for individuals with eating disorders but, it isn’t suitable for people with respiratory or cardiac ailments.


This is a technique that is more than a few thousand years old. Meditation is helpful in easing anxiety because it can alter neural pathways making you more resistant to stress. For meditation to work, you have to focus on your breathing while in a sitting position. You also have to recite positivity mantras, letting all distracting thoughts float by like clouds.


This has everything to do with being at present. For this, you have to slow down and focus on only one behavior with your full awareness. For mindfulness, you have to stop worrying about the future or the past and focus on what is happening now. You can apply mindfulness to activities like walking, eating, or exercising. You also need to focus on your breathing just like in meditation to narrow down your thoughts. Focusing on the present moment reduces stress.

Get a massage

If you can, visit a masseuse and have a full body massage. Massages increase blood flow into different parts of the body and also, relax tensed up muscles. At the same time massages have been shown to be effective in relieving stress because they help you calm down and feel good about yourself.


Yoga is a quick relaxation technique which also makes you flexible. Yoga poses open up your body, relax muscles, and the graceful moves leave you relaxed. All yoga poses also require you to focus on your breathing, leaving you relaxed.


Exercise is an effective stress buster that leaves you with your dream body making you happy eventually. Besides the long run benefits, exercising leads to the release of feel-good hormones called endorphins. The endorphins make you happy and less stressed.

You can also try listening to music or visualization.

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