Buying a Bubble Tea Machine for Your Business: What You Need to Know

Buying a Bubble Tea Machine for Your Business

As you start your bubble tea business, you’re going to need to buy equipment. Purchasing the right machine will require some knowledge about the types that are available and how they will benefit your enterprise.

Let’s look at a few of the bubble tea machines that are commonly utilized by most shops.

Bubble Tea Shaker Machine

There are two different types of machines, horizontal or vertical. While both machines have one purpose – to shake up a bubble tea drink – the equipment can do the work quicker and more cost-efficient than having an employee do it. The shaking is important, after all, the shaking gives the drink the bubbles it’s named after.

These machines offer a multitude of functions and speeds, to make sure the drinks that you are selling to customers are always high-quality and flavorful. You can even find the right machine in a range of sizes to fit your shop.

Bubble Tea Sealer Machine

This machine is designed to make bubble tea drinks easy for customers to take on the go. It employs a thin plastic strip to seal your drinks airtight keeping them fresh until the customer is ready to consume it.

The best advantage of a bubble tea sealer is that it uses less plastic per cup and it’s a cheaper alternative to the standard lids that you see on most normal drinks. They’re also a good marketing tool as you can add your store’s logo to the plastic seal on every cup. You can choose the right machine to work with your preferred style of thecup as there are a variety of options out there.

Bubble Tea Fructose Dispenser

Many shop owners will put in a fructose dispenser because it can add the exact amount of sweetness to your drinks with routine consistency. You won’t have to worry about every drink having a different taste to it. Each and every one will be exactly the same. This is good for quality control of your product.

Bubble Tea Blender Machine

This one is pretty self-explanatory. If you expect that you’ll need to blend drinks in your shop you’ll need a blender. But when you’re shopping for the right one, there are some essential factors to keep in mind.

For starters, you want one that’s powerful enough to turn hard ice into liquid goodness, and fast. So check out the power levels on the blenders you’re considering for purchase. Sound is another facet. Thus, you don’t want a loud, noisy blender to bother everyone in your shop as they’re drinking bubble tea. Noise levels are important when you’re trying to offer your customer a pleasant experience in your shop.

Finally, you want a reliable warranty since the blender will be taking on a significant amount of wear and tear on a daily basis. Commercial blenders are going to be far more sturdy and effective than a model intended for household use. A good warranty can save you from having to spend money on repairs or buying a new one altogether.

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