Can I Install Aluminium Windows and Doors?

Can I Install Aluminium Windows and Doors

Due to a struggling economy and housing costs coming at a premium, fewer people are moving home. Instead they are making changes and upgrading their current home. One way in which a lot of people are updating their home is by installing aluminium framed doors and windows.

However, there is often confusion about what you can and can’t do to your home. We have all watched Grand Designs and seen the panic of the homeowners as they wait for the dreaded planning permission to be granted.

So, if you are looking at making some changes to your home, can you simply install aluminium windows and bi-folding doors?

As a general rule, unless your neighbours, or anyone who looks onto the property, has a serious objection you are free to do pretty much as you please to the exterior of your home. This includes changing the doors and windows.

However, there a couple of circumstances which could possibly make things a bit trickier.

Some properties fall under Article 4 Directions. This means that your home happens to be in a conservation area, and you will have to apply for planning permission before making any changes at all to it. The difficulty of this is dependent on a few factors such as how stringent your local authorities are and the other buildings in the area.

However, do not misread this to mean that no work can be carried out, ever. It simply means that permission needs to be sought before you do anything. But, if you do find yourself struggling then it is worth calling an architect, or a firm with experience in installing aluminium doors and windows. Due to their experience they will likely be able to help you plan for the works, thus increasing the chances of permission being granted.

The only time you may encounter true difficulty when installing new windows or doors is if you live in a listed property. These properties are listed due to their historical or architectural significance. When a building becomes ‘listed’ it is listed in its entirety, including the interior.

In these cases seeking permission to make any changes is extremely difficult, though it is not unheard of. To better your chances of being able to make any changes you should definitely contact supplier of bi-folding or sliding doors who have years of experience under their belt. It is only with their help that you will be able to ascertain the permission needed to install such drastic changes.

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