Strategic Purchasing Management


Most organizations spend more than 50% of their business income on the purchase of goods, services and works, or even more.   Managing these expenses (ensuring that the best value is obtained for every penny spent and treating suppliers like your own employees) is critical to the success of your business. As a result, strategic purchasing management is absolutely necessary. Strategic purchasing management is a partnership between your users (those in need of spending and having the details on what is to be spent) and purchasing specialists. This management requires the…

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Welcome To The New Blog Operation Business

Operation Business

How to create a professional blog and how to make it known? How long does it take, and how many visitors can I hope to have? Can blogging for 30 minutes a day make itself known on the net? Where to host a blog so that it is well referenced by Google? How to write articles and what topics should you choose? What are the ways to make yourself known … Here are some of the questions we are asked regularly by entrepreneurs who have heard about Blogs and who…

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