Does It Matter If You Go to a Prestigious College?

Does It Matter If You Go to a Prestigious College

Harvard. Yale. Princeton. These are household names that automatically call to mind prestige, molding young minds into the elite earners of the future. These schools are among the best places to pursue a higher education and that reputation brings with it a pretty high price tag where tuition is concerned. Since these institutions are so revered, they see thousands of applicants each year, many of whom do not get accepted for whatever reason. That can be soul-crushing for students who had high hopes for attending one of these so-called prestigious…

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Different Career Options for Computer Science Majors

Computer Science Majors

Computer science, with its in-demand career opportunities and competitive starting salaries, is becoming one of the most sought-after college majors in the US. There are so many career options to choose from, it might even seem hard to get a handle on what’s available to graduates. Here are a few of the most rewarding career opportunities for students interested in studying technology in college. Computer Programmer For students who enjoy writing code and creating new software for computers, computer programming is an ideal career choice. While once only software companies…

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Common Questions And Answers Related To Libel And Slander Defamation

Questions And Answers Related To Libel And Slander Defamation

Defamation is a critical offense that is committed by people in case of harming the reputation of the person. The law related to defamation, such as libel and slander can get quite complex and fact-specific. To get a clarity regarding both these categories, we have compiled a list of question and answers on these topics. Who can file a lawsuit for libel or slander defamation? Such type of lawsuit can be filed by any legal entity that includes individuals, partnerships and companies. To know more about how a defamation claim…

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New University Educational Model: Possibilities And Initiatives

University Educational Model: Possibilities And Initiatives

Abstract  Resum Abstract The possible applications of blogs for learning in the case of higher education, based on their technological properties, are addressed. The characteristics and advantages of blogs as individual and collective learning tools are reviewed, taking as an example existing initiatives and case studies carried out in higher education, with special attention to its advantages and educational applications in the new technological environments.By their characteristics, in fact, they prove to be a useful and valid tool within the new European Higher Education Area (EHEA) Ideal in the design…

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Adaptive Learning In Ten Questions Infographics

adaptive learning

Increasingly, adaptive learning harnesses the full potential of new technologies and draws on new and interesting concepts such as artificial intelligence or big data. But what exactly is this type of learning and what does it offer students and teachers? We explain, in ten questions and answers, the keys to this educational proposal that allows to customize the sequence of learning and attend to the needs and characteristics of each student in real time and achieving a learning process much more effective . TEN QUESTION ON ADAPTIVE LEARNING 1. What…

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The 10 Educational Blogs Essential For The New Course

New Course

There are many blogs about education that are worth visiting from time to time. Teachers, educators, family … in short, people interested in education and who want to share their ideas and knowledge about it with us. They are great proposals that help us improve our education every day! Do not miss a detail of this list: Justify your answer: Santiago Moll, professor of Language Castellana, gives teachers tips and tricks to fill the day-to-day in the classroom with motivation and inspiration. A space full of original articles, highly recommended!…

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