Channel your enthusiasm – a guide to the best DTH

Channel your enthusiasm – a guide to the best DTH

Airtel DTH makes TV viewing a unique, pleasurable experience like no other. If you want a DTH connection, it has to be Airtel.

Till a few years ago, the only way any of us could watch a lot of TV shows were if we got a cable connection (or else you were stuck with Doordarshan!) But cable connections are increasingly problematic – some channels disappear suddenly, there are weird squiggly shapes and dots on the screen, important matches get interrupted, and so on.

Today, it is commonplace to install a dish TV connection to get better clarity, more choice of channels and better reception overall. These are known as DTH (Direct To Home) connections, and they are installed such that they offer the best clarity of reception. You can choose the monthly pack basis the kind of channels you want to watch. Thus, you get better control over your TV viewing and can exercise more selectivity – cable TV connections do not offer this kind of choice.

There are several DTH providers in the country today, but not all of them are able to tick all the boxes when it comes to superior packs, services and other performance metrics. Most of them fall by the wayside in bad weather, while others are unable to recharge quickly as per your needs. Of the leading DTH providers today, Airtel DTH is a great option to consider if you are looking to switch from cable, or your existing provider.

Why switch to Airtel DTH?

Already a market leader in terms of Internet penetration and subscriber base, it was to be expected that Airtel DTH would provide a bouquet of channels across sectors and languages, apart from value-added packs and services. Here’s why you should have no other DTH but the Airtel one for your home:

  • You get DVD quality video with Airtel DTH.
  • It has one remote control for the TV set and the set top box, i.e. universal remote control. This simplifies use, since you don’t have to look for different remote controls for different devices.
  • Airtel DTH offers a huge variety of channels, across sectors and languages. There are HD channels to choose from as well.
  • It has more transponders, so you can add more channels as and when you choose a different pack.
  • There are 24 radio channels to choose from, apart from the TV channels.
  • Airtel DTH offers an excellent user interface, far superior to that from its competitors. The software loads quickly and navigation is much easier.
  • You will not find your TV viewing disturbed by rain or other seasonal phenomena.
  • You can add or modify channels as per your need using the Airtel DTH self-help portal. You can also recharge the account quite easily.

When you get all these benefits at an affordable package price, why would you not make the switch to Airtel DTH?

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