Commuting Safety Tips To Avoid Railroad Accidents

Commuting Safety Tips to Avoid Railroad Accidents

Railroad transport plays a huge role in moving people and goods across the country each day. Every single day at least half a million of trips are driven on the tracks. However, together with the high numbers of trips comes the high numbers of train accidents occurring each year. This number even rises when spring comes since it gives people the opportunity to ride their bikes, take a walk, or explore. Thus, during this time, at least one person in three hours gets hit by a train. Railroad accidents often lead to severe injuries or even death. These injuries and deaths could have been easily prevented.

How To Avoid Railroad Accidents When Outside The Train

  1. You should never walk on or along the tracks of the train

Aside from possible electrocution from the current flowing through the tracks, you are also in danger of getting hit by the train. You’re not easily seen by the train conductor, especially at night. Also, it’s considered trespassing to walk on the tracks.

  1. You should always look for out for the railroad warning signals

The warning signs are there to protect; this is why it’s essential that you watch out for them. They help notify you when a train is incoming or when you can safely cross the tracks.

  1. You should always assume that a train is on its way

One of the causes of train and vehicle collision is when a vehicle forces its way to the tracks even if the warning signs are turned red. You should always assume that a train is on its way when the signals become red, even if you don’t see an oncoming train.

  1. You should always remember that trains can’t immediately stop

You should know that a freight train travels at the speed of 55 miles per hour and it takes a mile or two before it can entirely stop. So, if you think that you can still cross the tracks since the train can stop when it sees you, you’re wrong.

  1. You should only cross the tracks at the crossing areas designated by the railway management

As mentioned above, the train won’t be able to stop immediately. Thus, if you cross at an area where you’re not supposed to, it won’t be the conductor’s fault if you get hit.

How To Avoid Railroad Accidents When Inside The Train?

  1. You should always form an orderly line when entering and exiting the train

One of the common causes of accidents among passengers is when they try to push or budge each other. You should avoid doing this; be patient and fall in line.

  1. You should always let the passengers exit first

When the door slides open, before you attempt to go on board the train, the passengers inside get out first. Doing this will help you avoid bumping into the people who are on their way out.

  1. You should never block the doors

If you block the doors, you’ll most likely create a logjam, which can easily disrupt the flow of other passengers.

  1. You should abstain from bringing objects that may occupy too much space

Objects that are too large tend to occupy multiple seats or even a large part of the aisle. This will prevent others from taking a place and may cause a lot of people distress.

  1. You should never open the train doors

When you open the doors, you will only prolong the delay of the trains. You’ll also get electrified since it has a power of 600 volts.

These safety tips aim to help promote the proper behavior on and off the train. Your simplest actions could help save your life and others. They will be able to help you have an enjoyable yet safe travel experience on and off the tracks. Remember that taking public transport means that you’re sharing an area with others; thus you’re also responsible for their safety as well.

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