Creative Garage Organisation Ideas to Consider

Creative Garage Organisation Ideas to Consider

When you are falling over the clutter in your garage and have abandoned the idea of parking your car there, you know it is time to take action. Here are some clever ways to organise your garage and turn it into useful storage space.

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Use the wall to its full potential

There is nothing that can’t be put against the wall on good garage shelving systems. Use bungee cord to secure items that might fall.

When you are not sitting on it, hang it up.

Metal folding chairs can be folded and hung on hooks against the garage wall. Although they are so useful, fold-up chairs are always in the way when they are not being used.

Drive up the wall

You don’t need your bicycle in the way of the car. Something is going to get scratched or damaged; either way, you are not going to be happy. Once you have discovered that your family’s bicycles can be stored vertically by hanging them on individual hooks, you will never store them any other way.

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Develop a system

The best idea is to invest in a multipurpose, adaptable garageshelving system. These can be used for anything from children’s toys to cleaning supplies. Figure out what your storage needs are and then shop accordingly. Systems such as these are easy enough to customise to your specific needs.

Bin it!

Take serious stock of what you really need and what amounts to unnecessary clutter. According to the Guardian, the trend is not to own anything that does not add value to your life. Yes, this means the five-year-old exercise bike you have never used can go straight up for sale!

PVC holders for your longer items

Another great idea to combine with your garage shelving systems is pieces of PVC pipe mounted to the wall. This is an excellent way of storing your garden tools, such as spades and forks, and other items.

Consider a slatted wall or pegboard

Without one of these, your garage system is not complete. With a pegboard or slats, you can organise your workspace and hang things that often go missing.

A well-organised garage is easy to clean and becomes a pleasure to work in. It takes a bit of planning, but the results are well worth the effort.

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