Different Career Options for Computer Science Majors

Computer Science Majors

Computer science, with its in-demand career opportunities and competitive starting salaries, is becoming one of the most sought-after college majors in the US. There are so many career options to choose from, it might even seem hard to get a handle on what’s available to graduates. Here are a few of the most rewarding career opportunities for students interested in studying technology in college.

Computer Programmer

For students who enjoy writing code and creating new software for computers, computer programming is an ideal career choice. While once only software companies had the need for programmers, the need for skilled workers has grown so quickly that now everyone from the private sector to government offices to banks and law firms is employing experienced coders to work in house full time. In short, you’ll have your pick of careers with this degree, and a highly competitive salary to match.


Being a computer animator is one of the more fun and versatile jobs on the market. For creative students who adore special effects, CGI, and visual manipulation, this job will offer no end of exciting opportunities. Animators often work in teams and are employed across different sectors of the entertainment industry, including film production, video game development, and television production. The pay is also high, beginning at around 50,000 dollars a year.

Web Developer

Web development is a complex, interesting field that combines coding and data analysis to create streamlined, highly intuitive website platforms and programs for individuals and businesses. For students who love coding and want to apply their skills to specific projects, a career as a web developer is a guaranteed fit. You’ll be able to work on thedesign, style, customizable elements, updates to the site, consumer feedback, and more, working fast and adapting to the changing needs of clients. For workers who enjoy being on their toes and learning something new every day, this career leaves little to be desired.


For students who like to look on the analytical side, a career as a demographer could be the perfect option. Demographers collect data to study and analyze trends on a local or global scale. They use this information to predict future patterns in behavior or development and help to resolve potential conflicts before they arise. While the job does involve a basic familiarity with technology, this career depends less on specific technical skills and more on an ability to read and apply data. Both Maryville University and Tufts University have computer science programs with excellent courses for aspiring demographers.

Systems Analyst

A systems analyst always has a lot on their plate. This career involves using technical expertise to work with companies and brands and shape their IT into something that perfectly reflects them. This can involve everything from writing code to developing new products even to testing and figuring out new, creative solutions to tech-related problems. For workers who like to get their hands dirty and engage with high-level creative problem-solving in fast paced environments, this is the perfect career choice.

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