Do Sole Traders Need Accountants?

Going out on your own and trying to make a success of your sole trader business can be very challenging, it can also be liberating not having to answer to anybody else but yourself. If you carefully plan ahead and put in enough work, you can make a success of your venture. But you will need some help along the away, particularly from professionals like accountants.

Why Do You Need an Accountant?

As a sole trader hiring an accountant is a must, they offer a wide range of skills when it comes to business planning, bookkeeping and finance. If you find the right candidate, they’ll help you grow your business and increase the chances of your venture being a success. Having a competent, reliable accountant on your side when you are self employed makes a massive difference, they can help you better understand and manage your finances.

Most sole traders aren’t experts in finance, so employing a specialist to look after your books and other aspects of your company makes perfect business sense. If you want to be successful, then you must hire a reputable accountant. It is challenging to run your business as a sole traderwithout having to worry about tax returns and other financial issues, it is better to leave all these tasks to a trained accountant, so you can focus on growing your new enterprise.

If you’ve decided to go out on your own, and your company is located in the UK, a small business accountant in Nottingham or any other city across the country is a must for any sole trader. While you work hard at promotion, advertisement, distribution and sales, your accountant will help to cover all the financial tasks, leaving you with one less aspect of your company to worry about. In the beginning you won’t have a lot of time to yourself, so hiring an accountant is an excellent way to create some time, you’ll at least have additional time to concentrate on more important aspects of your organisation.


When you’ve just started a company and you’re self-employed, you may feel like you just don’t have the finances to support additional services of an accountant. But, hiring an experienced accountant who deals with sole traders is an excellent way of saving money and receiving guidance on financial issues. A first-class accountant pays for themselves, their experience and tutoring will help you to create more efficient business strategies and procedures, they’ll also be able to increase your profits substantially.

Hiring a qualified, specialist accountant is an investment in your future success, it is not a waste of money like some people think. They’ll help you monitor every aspect of your operations to ensure you run your venture sensibility without taking too many risks.

It is important not to seek out the cheapest option, you must look for expertise in dealing with companies like yourself. Don’t just settle for an accountant who offers the lowest price. Avoid accountants who do the bare minimum, you want someone who is proactive and has an interest in your business.

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