Dress like a princess and walk like a queen

Dress like a princess and walk like a queen

Dress Like a Princess and Walk Like a Queen: Popular Scarf Trends!

Scarves are the absolute perfect style accessory for all seasons and occasions. No matter your age or style preference, there’s a scarf out there suited just for them. Not only do scarves add style and flair to a wardrobe, but they can also hide a multitude of sins, so to speak. Scarves aren’t just for women who are looking to secure their hairstyle or for keeping cozy on a chilly night though. Scarves are a major statement piece and celebrities everywhere are using them to accessorize their style just like jewelry would.

The fun thing about incorporating scarves into ones wardrobe is that they are gender neutral. Brad Pit and Ashton Kutcher are just a couple of the many men who have been photographed looking stylish in the latest scarf trend. After all, who hasn’t seen David Beckham without a swanky scarf tucked in his lapel? Hundreds of shopping stores are utilizing the scarf in their apparel. A scarf is considered by many designers a staple in one’s closet. They have the unique ability to bring together outfits that normally may not be suited. Sometimes all an outfit needs is a great pop of color and they are perfectly suited just for this. One scarf in fact, can be worn in a host of different ways that yields a new look each time. For those who want to dress like a princess and stroll like a queen, the following list is a few ways of how to wear a scraf to glamorize any outfit or style.

  • The Bow Tie Method

This fun application is trending now among the hipster crowd and is literally as easy as tying a bow in the scarf itself. The textiles that are easiest to work with in this application of the bow knot are silks, satins, chiffons, sheers and thin cotton blends. Many designers, such as Tommy Hilfiger and Prada, are making the bow-knot method quite playful by using bow prints in the scarves themselves. To a tie a bow knot in the scarf follow the same steps a person would in tying their shoe laces. That is to say, hold both laces and fold end over end and then pull them tight. This will establish a knot in the center of the lace. Make a loop and secure at the base. Now take the bottom of the lace, wrap it around the loop and pull through. Voila!

  • Incorporating A Puffer Scarf for Outerwear

Puffer jackets have been around and in style since the 70s. They never really seem to go out of style and as an extension to that many people, old and young alike, are wrapping up with the puffer scarf. As the name denotes, puffer scarves are very bulky and they provide the perfect amount of warmth during chilly weather. Puffer scarves are generally worn by a simple crossover method because they don’t offer much variety in application. Puffer scarves look great with tall boots and a great leather handbag.

  • Bejeweled Scarves with Fringes

These scarves work terrifically for those women who do not like to wear a lot of jewelry because it combines the scarf with added embellishment. Bejeweled scarves or skinny scarves as they are also referred to as, have been on the must have accessory list for the past five years in a row. Fabrics that work well with these scarves are thinner textures such as silk or satin. Skinny scarves can be worn in an assortment of ways, but typically one will see the scarf worn the same way a choker would around the neck. Another way is by wrapping around the neck one time loosely and pulling the edges around to hang down on each side. Most jeweled scarves are fringed for this very reason.

  • Braided Scarf Method

This application takes a few more minutes to tie, but the braided scarf is well worth the time because it brings a distinguished savoir faire to any look! If a user already knows how to braid hair, then braiding the scarf will be easy because it’s performed the same way. The first step is to make a loose knot in the center as it hangs down on both sides of your neck. This is the base. Take the two sides and cross them, repeating this until it meets the end. When the fabric runs out, tie a knot in the ends. For great scarves and handbags.

  • Scarf Used as A Handbag Accessory

Scarves bring elegance and unique stylish embellishments to handbags due to the infinite fabrics and prints available. Scarves can be wrapped around the handles or even tied around them to hang down as a sheik alternative. A black or white handbag is a virtual art canvas to a scarf. Feeling patriotic or is Veterans Day just around the corner? Wrap an American flag print scarf to the bag and there you have instant glam!

  • The Backward Necktie Look

One can find this look trending up and down the New York City streets this year. For the backwards tie look, one simply forms a slipknot and pulls through the scarfs material and then pull to secure at base where it’s the most comfortable. The tie then gets turned around so the front of the neck looks like a choker and the back has a pretty cascading tie down the back of the spine.

From Audrey Hepburn to Pink, scarves have been commonplace in the fashion and beauty industry. As a matter of fact, Statistics show that over 62% of working women use scarves as an accessory to spice up plain business attire. Scarves create instant allure and provide people with a way to express themselves through their own personal panache. With endless ways to utilize a scarf’s versatility and new ways designers are developing innovative styles on an annual basis, scarves have become a fantastic addition to a girl’s closet.

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