External Solid Wall Insulation – What’s All the Fuss About?

External Solid Wall Insulation – What’s All the Fuss About?

What is commonly referred to as “external or ‘solid’ wall” Insulation is a modern type of insulation, which can be applied to the exterior of any existing or brand new property.

  • This is rendered to provide both a protective and decorative coating to the already existing external surface of the building.

Should you be living in Scotland in a building which was constructed prior to or around about 1930, its external walls are more than likely to be solid instead of cavity walls.

  • Cavity walls are those what are made of two layers with a small space between them.

This gap was originally designed as a barrier to help cut back on any heat flowing through walls. Because solid walls have no such gap, this then allows for more heat to be lost through them than through those of cavity walls.

  • As a matter of fact, about twice as much heat is lost through an un-insulated solid wall than through a cavity one which is un-insulated.

And the good News Is

The positive news is that, similar to cavity walls, these days, solid walls can be also insulated‚ from not just the inside, but the outside.

Exterior wall insulation in Scotland is a wonderfully efficient method to stop wasting your energy and money at home. During the winter months, a properly insulated home keeps warmth exactly where it should be‚ inside your home.

Another Great Benefit – Enhanced Kerb Appeal and a Superb Investment

With the application of a coat of rendering over your external walls, it is an easy and a superb way of giving your home a great looking facelift, especially if the current exterior is either:

  • Somewhat unsightly to the eye
  • Not in the best condition
  • Acombination of various mismatched materials

Positively altering and improving your home’s façade, is beyond a doubt one of the most effective methods of adding some cool increased value to your property, and new rendering is going to be a great way of achieving this.

If you do choose to move at some time later on in the future, your home’s exterior will be the very first thing that any possible will see, so ensuring that it has as much kerb appeal as possible is going to be important. (Insider tip – most people actually buy with their eyes!)

Material Matters

The render itself can be made from a range of materials such as sand and cement or a more flexible, breathable polymer modified type for those homes which have solid walls.

  • It also greatly helps to cover up any poor-quality or mismatched brickwork on period buildings, and thus go on to generate a sleek finish on modern homes.

So, if you’re looking for some great new insulation and a brand new look to your property (and not forgetting a really cool investment for the future), you know what to do.

Next time you’re out, take a look around and you’ll soon be able to spot buildings which have been given the exterior wall treatment!

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