Getting the Most Value from Your Craft Beer Experience

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Craft beer festivals are one of the most popular summer staples in many cities across the United Kingdom and much of Europe. Different cities host them differently, but at the end of the day, there are lots of thought and preparation that goes into the process. The reason why you attend craft beer festivals is basically to experience the uniqueness of drinking with friends and having a blast. If you want to get the most out of this, consider the following tips.

Get Yourself the VIP Pass

Many festivals give you a VIP pass offer for a small additional fee. The advantage with such a pass is that it enables you to get in about an hour early. This means you can bounce around from one table to the other as you sample the different vendors at the event. Additionally, a VIP pass often gives you the opportunity to have a chat with brewers and get some food before the festival fires up.

Arrive at the Festival Sober

Many people think that craft beer festivals are all about drinking your choicest light beer with friends. On the contrary, these festivals give you a great opportunity to taste and learn the different beers and their flavors. You may be lucky to receive a glass of beer for you to enjoy free of charge at the entrance. When you arrive sober, you are likely to have a better tasting experience which in turn allows you to know the different breweries from which you are sampling. From such an experience, you can then proceed to buy craft beer knowing well what it has for you.

Eat Beforehand

Before dousing your stomach with beer, it is always good to take some food. Some of the beer festivals across the UK give you some food before you head to the drinks. Whatever it takes, don’t drink on an empty stomach.

Control Your Excitement and Check Out Everything

It is understandable that attending a craft beer festival is in itself a source of excitement. However, eh sounds, sights, and smells should not lure into diving right in, always take your time. Walk around the tents and check the different breweries in attendance before finally deciding where to use your tickets. The last thing you would want is wasting your ticket on a beer that is not even interesting in the first place.

Focus on the Festival

Memories mean a lot and at some point, you may have to snap a few pictures with your favorite beers and friends. However, don’t get obsessed with the phone, remember you are here for the festival. Taking beer is an experiential journey which involves all the senses including the immediate environment. If you spend time concentrating on your phone and sharing Instagram pictures, you may not enjoy the festival as much as you would do with all your perceptions directed in the right places.

Never leave the beer festival without learning something. These festivals create awesome opportunities for you to enjoy your favorite brews as well as learn something concerning them. Talk to the vendors and brewers to know their history and ask a few questions about their craft beer collections. In this way, you will be a much-informed person who can tell one brand of craft beer from the other.

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