Healthy Nails: Here Are Some of the Tips to Keep Them Beautiful

Healthy Nails: Here Are Some ofthe Tips to Keep Them Beautiful

Being women it becomes very important to keep everything beautiful to express beautifully. Nowadays women suffer with the unhealthy nails then whether it is due to workload, tension, any medical condition whatever but nails are the favorite part of the body that sometimes ignored by some of the women. A modern woman uses the acrylics, nail polish, gels or sticks to look beautiful and attractive. Sometimes the infection occurs just by ignoring the health of your nails and the result is amputation of the finger, hand toe or foot. Here are some the tips that help you in keeping the nails healthy and beautiful.

Diet– Vitamin A, calcium and phosphorus are the basic nutrients required for the nails. Apricot, broccoli, cheese, and carrot are some of the food that is rich in vitamin A. if you want calcium then include milk, yogurt, cheese and almond in your diet. For the phosphorus have carrot juice. To prevent hand nails have a good protein diet, folic acid, and vitamin C.

Cuticle– Women usually ignore the cuticles and the removal of cuticles is very important. To keep the cuticle string and healthy it is good to rub CBD oil on it. Using the cuticle remover gently push the cuticle back and remove the excess of the cuticle. Never allow beautician to remove cuticle forcefully. Apply cuticle lotion or the CBD oil and give the massage to the nails and the cuticles before bed to keep them healthy.

Keep Natural– Nowadays women go behind what trend is going on, nail art, acrylics, gels, and many more things are available to make the nails beautiful but the chemical based products sometimes harm your nails. Methacrylic acid is used during the application of acrylic is corrosive and damage your nails. Make sure your nails remain without nail polish for some time and this can help them to reduce the chance of damage to the nail bed. Formaldehyde or the acetone that women use for the nail polish removers this also damage your nails instead use the nail polish remover containing the acetone.

Hydrate And Keep Short– Keeping nails short reduces the risk of brittle nails and hydrating those helps in making them strong and shiny. Just like skin nails also need water to be hydrated and moisturized. Before going to bed you can also use moisturizer to make them healthy. Have 2 liters or eight glasses of water. Softener or the cuticle creams are available in the market and it is best to use after work and before going to bed.

People mostly ignore the minor things while caring the body, nails are the one those are sometimes doing get attention and then they in result make the situation dire. Never go for chemicals while taking care of your nails natural things like CBD oil not only makes your nails healthy and beautiful but without any side effects. Make your nails beautiful and show them beautiful.

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