Here Is Why You Can’t Get Modafinil Without Prescription


As we all know, a lot of people more commonly young professionals and success-oriented persons who are always on the go are hooked up to modafinil; a wakefulness-promoting drug that they use to enhance their cognitive capabilities making them more effective at work and school.

It sounds pretty cool but modafinil is not available for everyone. It is only prescribed for people suffering from narcolepsy; a severe type of sleeping disorder or a neurological disorder that mainly affects the complete control of sleeping and wakefulness of a person. People suffering from narcolepsy often experience excessive daytime sleeping as well as intermittent and uncontrollable drowsiness and sleepiness during daytime but it is already a treatable illness through modafinil.

Modafinil can only be purchased at the pharmacy if there is a proper prescription from the doctor who is expert in dealing with narcolepsy and other sleeping disorders. These doctors are neurologists. They are doctors who mainly focus their specialty in the nervous systems by identifying, diagnosing and treating the disorders and diseases. They are the ones who make the prescription for their patients suffering from sleeping disorders otherwise they do not give any prescription since modafinil is considered a controlled substance by many countries.

They either prescribe a generic and branded modafinil. If you want modafinil buy online, there are tons of underground pharmaceutical companies that manufacture modafinil in different variants for a completely healthy person who intends to use it as a cognitive enhancer. There you can buy modafinil without any prescription required. People usually buy the generic type of modafinil via an online website which is physically based outside the United States (US). Most of the branded modafinil are quite expensive ranging from $50-dollars to a hundred dollars depending on the dosage of milligrams it offers to its user while the generic brand is remarkably cheap ranging from two-dollars to five-dollars per pack of six to eight capsules or pills.

These online pharmacies often entice people through its promotional advertisements and special offers. Modafinil’s demand is very high that it has become an industry to a lot of people who exploit its popularity by manufacturing their own version of the drug without the proper knowledge of its main active ingredients risking a lot of people’s health.

Some online pharmacists and chemists design a more potent version of modafinil, twice the effectiveness of the latter to achieve its cognitive enhancing capabilities but on the downside, it also poses a lot of threats in terms of health for the user because of its side effects. Normal side effects usually manifest as nausea, headache, and dizziness while some have a hard time to fall asleep but the new versions of modafinil can be fatal. It causes palpitation, nervousness, skin rashes, bruises, bleeding and insomnia which can cause health complications that would, later on, develop into chronic diseases.

Just an important tip, before you buy modafinil online you should do some intensive research because your overall health is at risk. For genuine and safe modafinil Visit This Link.

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