How Drugs Affect Driving?

How Drugs Affect Driving

We can all agree that drugs, it doesn’t matter if they are prescription drugs or illegal ones, can impair driving skills such as reaction time, vision, hearing, judgment,andpossibility to do more thingssimultaneously.

For driving, you will need psychomotor skill and cognitive skills such as information processing. At the same time, ifyou are doing drugs and combine them with alcohol, you can end up calling DWI lawyers from Houston to help you.

In most cases, drugs create devastating effect when combined with driving. We decided to present you how different types of drugs affect driving skills:


Marijuana is one of the most common drugs and most people from all over the world use it. However, it can lead to impairment of the ability to drive steady. As you already know, the marijuana affects concentration,and you will get difficulty in perceiving distance and time. That could cause following problems:

  • Poor speed control
  • Impaired reaction time
  • Bad judgment
  • Inability to accurately read signs
  • Distraction
  • Drowsiness

If you combine marijuana with opiates and sedatives, it can cause hallucinations and increase anxiety as well as heart rate and blood pressure. On the other hand, it is unpredictable when you combine marijuana with stimulants such as caffeine, nicotine, cocaine,and amphetamines.

We recommend you to avoid doing it while driving especially if you have a long road ahead.


Even though cocaine is stimulants that will easily mask fatigue, when you use it in high doses it can easily impair judgment and interfere with your ability to concentrate. At the same time, vision and coordination will impair too.

You will get an increase of impulsive behaviors and greater tendency to take more risks than before. You should have in mind that it can create confusion within the user, which is radically problematic in case of driving.

The person who is a frequent user of cocaine holds the illusion of being stimulated and alert. However, he still has a slow physical reaction.

Street cocaine comes as the combination of different antihistamines or diet pills to increase the mass. Therefore, if you take the cocaine with thepsychotic drugs such as antidepressants, you can cause severe problems. You should also think through on using if you have high blood pressure because cocaine can cause heart attack and stroke.

Most cocaine users also love to drink, and the combination can cause fatal effects to your motor and driving skills. As soon as the cocaine wears off, you will notice the immersive crash, and you will be only drunk. According to previous users, when you mix cocaine with the alcohol, it can create antagonistic effects.

If you use cocaine in high doses, you can easily overdose, and because alcohol has additive effects, the overdose can lead to death.


If you want to use the tranquilizers, you should have in mind that they produce lack of coordination, drowsiness, altered memory and perception, poor control of speech, and slow reaction time. You see that it is logical assumption that you shouldn’t drive when drinking tranquilizers at the same time.

You will get the difficulty in maintaining lane position as well as other problems that go with drowsiness and drunk-like state. Some people who are in methadone treatment for reducing the heroin addiction must use benzodiazepines to increase the effects of methadone.

When you combine them with alcohol or with other medication, you can enter the synergistic effects that could lead to fatality. Alcohol can increase theabsorption of the medication and slow their breakdown which will lead to respiratory and cardiovascular problems.


Opiates can cause mental confusion, drowsiness, visual impairment and even hallucinations. You will have the problems in keeping the vehicle in the right lane, and you will make errors without any additional problem.

At the same time, alcohol has the effect that could lead to a cardiac and respiratory arrest. If you mix heroin and cocaine, famous as Speed Ball, you will produce a stimulant effect, but it increases the risk of death.

The idea is to reduce the usage of drugs to a minimum, and if you cannot live without them, try not to drive and use them at the same time. Because only straight head makes the perfect driver.

For more information on opiates, you can check here.

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