How to Buy the Right Pair of Sunglasses

the Right Pair of Sunglasses

Sunglasses are essential for everyone as all of us spend considerable amounts of time outside. And even if you don’t live in a particularly warm environment, you will still find that the sun has the ability to damage and obscure your vision on the coldest of days.

Sunglasses are also of course a great fashion accessory as some of them can be quite stylish and provide the perfect accompaniment to any outfit. To assist you in your next sunglasses purchase, we’ve compiled this handy guide which will help you in knowing what to look for.

Frame Shape is Everything

It’s always better to start from the ground up so let’s begin with shape. Sunglasses come in a large range of shapes and sizes but choosing a design that complements your face can be difficult. Luckily there are a few rules that simplify the process;

  • People with round or oval faces are better suited to a square or rectangular frame
  • People with the face shape of a love heart are better suited to a triangular frame
  • People with a square or rectangular face are better suited to a round or oval frame

These three simple rules are the key to buying a pair of sunglasses that both fit you properly and suit the overall shape of your face.

Designer Sunglasses

Most designer brands that sell clothes will also produce a range of sunglasses. In addition, there are several designers out there that specialise in glasses alone. Whether you’re after Gucci or Ray-Ban, you’ll have plenty to choose from. Several popular retailers offer Lindberg sunglasses online which make a great alterative to some of the other well-known brands. If buying online, always check your retailers return policy in case you end up not liking them.

Your Choice of Lens

We would argue that the quality and type of lens you buy is the most important aspect of this purchase. It’s a common misconception that dark lenses are the best that you can buy. You will find that the highest quality lenses are usually much lighter in colour with very dark lenses sometimes being of poor quality and not filtering out the right types of harmful light. UV protection is what is important so make your decision on that basis.

If you’re the sort of person that likes detail, we suggest looking up the specifications for each lens which will provide you with an accurate rating of their performance.

We always tend to sway towards polarised lenses which are great for protecting your eyes from all UV light but are also better suited for outdoor activities where light reflection and glare is common.

Your Choice of Lens Colour

Finally, you’re left with your choice of lens colour. The type of lens takes precedence here but you sometimes have a little freedom to play around with colours if you think that a lime green or a sunburst yellow might be your thing. These outlandish colours are usually great for environments such as ski slopes as they help with filtering glare.

Once you’ve got the sunglasses bug, you’ll no doubt find yourself with more sunglasses than there are days of the week.

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