How to dress for an interview

How to dress for an interview

5 simple tips to take on board to ace that interview – starting with buying the right outfits from a range of women’s clothing online.

Appearing for an interview can be quite nerve-wracking – but dressing appropriately can give you an added shot of confidence. Buy new women’s clothing online for your interview, and take time over your make-up and accessories.

If the prospect of dressing for the interview confuses you, consider these tips:

#1 Conservative ≠ frumpy.

Often, women mistake dowdiness for simplicity – but it only shows that you make zero effort to present yourself. Instead of baggy clothes, try fitted pants and a striped blouse that you can tuck into your pants. If wearing a salwar kameez, choose a plain churidar suit instead of a flashy Anarkali. Normally, a fitted skirt that skims the knees, a half sleeved top and a black or blue blazer is a safe attire for interviews.

Hot tip: Jazz up a plain outfit with a colourful watch or a bag in a bold colour.

#2 Don’t go casual – it’s about making a good impression.

Some places of work do not have a dress code, but that does not give you carte blanche to show up for the interview in distressed denims and sneakers. Denim in any form (whether pants, shirt or a jacket) is a strict ‘No’, as are corduroys, leather pants and sheer dresses. The more carefully you dress, the more serious and professional you seem.

Hot tip: Go with a cotton shirt, linen fitted pants and a watch with a simple metal strap.

#3 But don’t overdress – it’s about making a good impression.

Many women go the other extreme – they don’t want to look like Plain Janes, so they wear their best outfits and apply tonnes of make-up. Overdressing is never acceptable for an interview. It just makes you appear like you don’t know the first thing about presenting yourself – which is a bad vibe to give off when you’re interviewing for a sales or marketing position, where appearances are everything.

Hot tip: Keep the make-up and accessories minimal. Search for a simple fitted dress or skirt suit under ‘women’s clothing’ online when you shop.

#4 Put all your documents in a stylish bag.

You should not show up with your files in your hand or a tacky plastic bag. Buy a tote or a large handbag that can hold your folder (to carry your CV, work certificates, salary break-up, etc.), phone, water bottle, make up kit, umbrella, wet wipes, perfume, etc.

Hot tip: Your bag should be the right size – not a backpack and not a tiny one that holds only your lipstick. Make sure it complements your outfit.

#5 Wear the right shoes.

Your shoes are often the first thing anybody notices about you, so make sure they are not squeaky or dusty. Black kitten heels or tan wedges are a safe choice.

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