How to Find a Nice Quiet Beach Near Patong?

Quiet Beach Near Patong

Staying in Patong does have its pros and cons. While it’s nice to have the nightlife options nearby and it is great if you like the heavy party atmosphere on the beach, there are times when you just want to some peace and quiet or to get some work done. Thankfully, there are plenty of lesser known spots in and around Patong if you don’t want to be straight in the action. Here are a few areas you can consider next time you’re in town.

Paradise Beach

There are some times when you’ll have to pay to get some privacy, and in this case, the 200 baht entry fee is well worth it. The area is just a stone’s throw away from Patong, so you can always look for Patong beach apartments and get a taxi to and from your spot if you ever want to enjoy a quiet day at the beach. Most tuk-tuks and taxis know exactly where it is, so you’ll have no trouble getting there.

Kalim Beach

Kalim Beach is another less crowded beach if you want to get a little peace and quiet. While the beach is not actually the best for sunbathing since it is so rocky and bathing in the area is not the easiest, some people are ready to take the good with the bad. This is one of the reasons why the beach sees much less traffic. So if you just want to get away from the crowds and have a little time just for yourself, Kalim Beach is a great choice.

Freedom Beach

What makes Freedom Beach so great for people looking for privacy is the fact that it’s much less accessible than other beaches in the area. You either have to make the trip all the way up to the beach car park, which is pretty long or go there by boat, which will cost you around 1000 bath.

But the trip is definitely worth it. The beach is beautiful and you’ll be able to enjoy some nice quiet time once you get there. However, know that the options will be limited there and food and refreshments might be a bit overpriced, so be prepared for that.

Kathu Waterfall

If you want to go on an adventure and are in good shape, you could take a trek all the way to Kathu Waterfall. The waterfall is nestled in a lush jungle setting and you’ll be able to enjoy the wonderful sounds of water crashing down surrounded by nature.

This is a great spot if you want to completely disconnect from the hectic Patong atmosphere and be at one with nature. If you want to go, however, make sure that you go early before it gets too hot and make sure that you bring food and water with you since you won’t find any vendors on your way there.


There are tons of hidden gems around Patong that will allow you to get away and enjoy some quiet time. Consider these few options next time you’re around if you want a change of pace.

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