How To Handle Different Types Of Dental Emergencies

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Technically speaking, a medical emergency involving your oral region that is your mouth, teeth, jaw line, tongue, and similar parts constitutes a dental emergency. The spring can be a chipped tooth, an avulsed tooth, fractures involving your teeth or jaws, it any other similar incident.

However, in brief, if you are experiencing excruciating pain revolving around your oral regions, then it is leverage enough to make a visit to the dental Emergency Room. But since the place is a taxi drive away, there are some steps you can take to keep your condition falling apart.

How to Handle Dental Emergencies

Sadly, there is no single cure to resolve all your dental problems, especially the ones that requires emergency medical care.

As mentioned earlier, a variety of situations fall under the category of being called a dental emergency. However there are some first aid measures that you can practice to keep these emergencies from getting out of hand.

So here you are presented with a list of first aid measures recommended by dentist at MGA Dental Brisbane & Gold Coast. When faced with a dental health hazard, you should make haste and follow the steps provided and keep the damage to a minimum. Meanwhile, call your dental emergency clinic and get there as quickly as you can.

Different Dental Emergencies and How to Handle Them:

Broken or Chipped tooth

 First off, rinse your mouth with warm water and try to stop the bleeding by applying cold compress. Now, if bits of your teeth has fallen out then gather the pieces and wash it under regular tap water. Then store away the broken pieces in a clean storage box and quickly visit the dentist. Again, if the bleeding from the injured gum is too much, then try to use a clean gauze to cover up the area and keep on applying the cold compress from outside of the mouth. Do remember not to apply any sort of disinfectant.

Lost Filling

 This requires an immediate attention of a dentist as the empty socket for the lost filling has to be filled up with something like dental cement until a permanent tooth regrows or is replaced there. Either way it has to be filled up temporarily with a sugar free bubble gum candy at the mean time while you visit the dentist’s chambers.

Knocked-out tooth

Time is of the essence, as a tooth needs a lot of force to be removed so a great deal of pain is involved when a trauma like this happens. Quickly phone the emergency medical services and if possible save the tooth in a clean storage box with a lid filled up to the brim with milk, after cleaning it up with warm water. Do not pick the tooth up by the roots (bottom of the tooth). With the right conditions it can be put back into the socket again.

Prevention is key

As mentioned earlier, there is no one medicine cures all solution for these dental emergencies. Furthermore, situations like this can happen to anyone, and even you when you least expect it. So it is best that you stay prepared on how to deal with such problems. Regular dental check-ups are mandatory as they can keep your teeth strong and healthy and make it difficult for such mishaps to happen in the first place.

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