How to keep a high level of motivation when learning to play an instrument online

keep a high level of motivation when learning to play an instrument online

                One of the best things that come with the availability of online connection anywhere is that once we are having a good signal, billions of information are available for us with only one click. This means that we can read anything we want, watch or even learn from videos made by professionals in a specific area. Thanks to the huge development of the technology, we can now learn anything and become very good when working over improving a specific skill. When it comes to an activity such as being able to play an instrument, many people which are following the old views won’t agree that it is a thing that can be learned easily, since they believe that in order to do it, you should be a previously born star. But luckily, there are many researches today, proving us that anyone can do anything if there is enough time and effort invested in, and this is a valid point when it comes to learning how to play a guitar. However, there are couple of things that need to be considered when doing it, such as being well aware about the course you will choose, as well as making a good promise to yourself that you will stick up to the deadlines produced by you, and spend enough time in exercising. Within this article we will help you make a good start, by helping you stay dedicated until the end.

                The importance of motivation

                Most of the people who  are choosing an online avenue helping them learn how to play a new instrument, such as the one available on, are dealing with problems of this kind. Since no matter how good the course is, no one can help you deal with your preferences if you don’t do it by yourself, and deal with it as an adult. Once you are able to keep on track with all the exercises provided in the videos and exercise enough, you will learn how to play the basic chords in a very short time. It is all up to you, the level of dedication you are investing in, and the will you are going to share.

When looking over the psychological aspect of this, there is no doubt that when a certain person is well motivated, everything will be easier, including the learning process itself. No matter what we are learning in that particular moment, if we are interested in it, and following it with a specific focus, simply wanting to learn it, we will be able to provide to ourselves some excellent results. This is also very important part of the whole process when it comes to exercising your technique. However, it can be a bit harder to stay dedicated until the end, since there is no end and knowing how to play an instrument doesn’t simply mean to know how to play certain chords and play varieties of tempos. It is a life-learning process, and in order to do it you must share a great passion towards it.

                How to keep up with the passion

                Since we are all humans and many of our wishes and preferences are fluid, in many times we are experiencing a lot of troubles when it comes to being dedicated towards one thing. And with this specifically, we won’t talk about trying to change something of this matter. The main thing which is interrupting our development process is our constant urge to procrastinate ( There are many articles and videos available online which are dealing with a process of this kind, and in this paragraph we will speak about the most important do’s and don’ts when dealing with an extremely annoying habit such as this one.

The key to make those thoughts go away is to think towards the process extremely rational, looking at the bigger picture, trying to put away all the thoughts that are affecting your brain when it comes to dealing with all the beautiful things that can be done instead of finishing up your duties, such as being a couch potato during the whole day. This means that a simple and boring thing can look like gold once we are in the mood of backstabbing ourselves, and in order to put all of it away, we should be focused on the pleasure gained once we are done with all the basic classes, moving towards playing a certain song with a creative touch, being able to experiment. Keep in mind that almost every time you are being possessed by the demon of procrastination, the result is a state of mind where guilt and pointlessness are present, so in order to keep yourself away from such negativities, you need to focus on the things you love, which will provide you a bigger pleasure when looking at the bigger picture.

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