How to Keep Your Home Clutter Free

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We live in a material world, as a famous singer once said. This fact, combined with our seemingly insatiable appetite for new things, means that we have a tendency to build up plenty of clutter in our lives. It could be baby clothes that are no longer needed or plastic wrapping thrown into the garage, but the truth is that many of us live in a world of material clutter and don’t see an easy way out.

Does Your Home Need a Deep Spring Clean?

Occasionally, it’s a great idea to do a spring clean around the home. The challenge is that we have many items in our homes that are either too bulky or too heavy to simply throw out into the regular rubbish bin. How do we get rid of old furniture, mattresses, and other awkward items that take up too much space?

The good news is that certain companies are experts in rubbish clearance in Northampton offer a skip hire service. By hiring a rubbish skip, you gain the following benefits:

  • Convenience: What better way to throw out junk than to throw it into a hired rubbish skip? The skip can be hired in a variety of sizes, which means that all manner of things can be thrown out at the same time without having to wait for the regular weekly rubbish bin pickup.
  • Environmental: These days, our homes are filled with e-waste, computer parts, printer cartridges, and lithium batteries. Throwing them out into the regular rubbish bin is not an option because they are not environmentally friendly. Hiring a skip service means that these things can be sorted out at the depot into recyclables. There are even skip hire companies that sort through and resell items that may work for someone else.

Hiring a rubbish skip means that you can get rid of all of your junk at the same time. There’s no waiting, and no slow decluttering process.

Advice on Maintaining a Clutter Free Home

Now that you’ve conducted a serious deep clean and skip hire, how do you keep your home clean, clear, and clutter-free? After all, a clean and clutter-free home not only feels good, but it also contributes to greater levels of productivity. If you want to live the minimalist lifestyle, how can you keep everything tidy going forward? Consider these tips:

  • Hire a rubbish skip at least a few times a year to perform a deep spring clean of the home
  • Don’t keep boxes and packaging lying around the home – throw them out
  • Sell anything you are not using on a local auction or classified site – if you’re not going to use it, you might as well get cold hard cash for it.

We’d all love a tidy and clutter-free home, but sometimes the cleaning process can seem like a nightmare. One way to ensure that the clutter gets cleaned up is by hiring a rubbish skip.


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