How to Make a Personal Injury Claim

How to Make a Personal Injury Claim

When talking about claiming for a personal injury, there must be at least one third party that is alleged to have been negligent, and proving negligence is the crux of any compensation claim. This might not be as evident as it could be, for example, a person might trip and fall over a raised paving slab in a car park, and if it can be proven that the said paving slab was a hazard, then the local council or owner of the car park would be liable. The driver of a car that was at fault in a car accident would have insurance that could cover any claim for compensation by a passenger in the vehicle, and with the help of an experienced personal injury lawyer, a person is able to make a claim, providing there is sufficient evidence of neglect on the part of the third party.

Professional Advice

If you think you have reason to make a claim for personal injury, it is advisable to contact a specialist lawyer, and whether you need brain injury solicitors in Kent, or any other county, a Google search should put you in touch with an experienced law firm, and once you have made contact, they can very quickly ascertain your chances of success. An experienced personal injury solicitor would be able to ascertain your chances of making a successful claim, and in some cases, will take on the claim on a “No win – No fee” basis.

Preparing your Case

This is an essential step, and one that only an experienced personal injury lawyer can help with, and he or she would ask you for everything that might be of relevance, such as medical reports and any images you might have, as these things all help to build a strong case. Every branch of law is complex, and personal injury is no exception, so it is important to ensure you have as much evidence as possible prior to making the claim.

Out of Court Settlements

Very often the third party does not dispute that they were negligent, and in such cases, the lawyers of both parties would sit down and come to a satisfactory agreement regarding compensation. This saves the courts valuable time for cases that are in dispute, and with the right lawyer in your corner, you can expect to reach a satisfactory outcome.

Court Proceedings

In the event that negligence is disputed, the case would be heard by a judge, and your solicitor would prove invaluable in such a situation by putting forward the best case. Many people have been successful with their claim, and without the help of an experienced solicitor, the outcome would likely be very different.

If you think your personal injury was caused by a third party’s negligence, an online search will reveal the contact details of an experienced personal injury lawyer, and you can get the ball rolling.

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