How to Make Sure Your Chimney Gets Properly Cleaned and Serviced

Make Sure Your Chimney Gets Properly Cleaned and Serviced

When you’re contemplating hiring a chimney sweep to service your fireplace, flue or chimney, you should first consider a few things prior to hiring the first name you come across to carry out the work.

There aren’t any professional chimney sweeps out there who will volunteer to clean out a collection of ashes or clean up the visible portions of your fireplace or chimney for nothing.Such minor tasks can indeed be extremelymessy and time-consuming, but should you be anenergetictype of householderand are of the belief that you can do the job as well as a seasoned professional, then why not try doing it?(However, you will be in need of the proper cleaning equipment)


If you have been burning wood for quitesome time, and especially the oily kind,such as pine, you’re going to needthe expertise of a chimney sweep to help remove any build-up of creosote.

  • Creosote is a substance which getsreleased when firewood burns and it then adheres to the inner walls of a flue and/or chimney.
  • And unlike soot, creosote is not easy to remove with only a wire brush

If the collected creosote and soot getstoo hot, you may get a chimney fire, and that’s something which nobody wants to happen, right?!

If you’re seeking specialist chimney work in Hampshire, from experts who can handle this type of work or anything else regarding chimneys, make sure to contact reputable professionals to get your chimney back to a state of perfect working order.


Whenconsulting with achimney sweep, ask about the company’s credentials and the sweep’s level of skills and training.

  • Every chimney cleaning service should be a member of the national standards associations with strict guidelines regarding training and services.

Sadly, because of the recent demand for professional chimney cleaning services, there have been a spate of unprofessional services going around.

Matters of Timing and Availability

Allprofessionally trained sweepsare more than able to do a lot more than running a wire brush up a chimney a number of times and then declare “job’s done.” So, try researching online for reviews to provide you with some peace of mind.

Some people make use of chimney sweepsover the summer or autumn months to get their fireplace prepared for the oncoming cold weather. So, it’s always in your best interests to book an appointment ASAP. Remember to ask the chimney sweep about times when they are availableand everything should go just fine.

Making Certain the Job Gets Done Properly

  • Specialists willonly make useof top quality and state-of-the-art examination apparatus and cleaning tools, and won’t suggest that the customer in in need of any unnecessary upgrades and repairs.

By hiring an expert service, you will be doing yourself a favour and make sure that the work which needs doing will be carried out perfectly.

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