How to Manage Your Suppliers

How to Manage Your Suppliers

Does your business have a large and growing number of suppliers? From stationery supplies for your office to all important vehicles for your factories, you’re bound to have a lot of suppliers that need managing and sorting. If you don’t have an organised, structured system for dealing with suppliers, your business is behind the times!

Keep reading to find out the best methods for organising your suppliers and one innovative platform that all the market-leading businesses are already using: ScanMarket.

Key Method

The first step to truly managing your suppliers is to get to know them – it sounds like a huge waste of time, but in fact getting to know your suppliers, the cost of their services and how they supply you can assist you in making informed decisions in the future.

You’ll also find that the personal touch and continued communication whether it’s via message or phone call can bring surprising benefits in the form of discounts and early access to new products.

The second thing you’ll need to do is put all that information in one place – yes, that’s going to create one very huge spreadsheet, but having all the data on all your suppliers in one place allows you to instantly spot where a piece of data is missing. It also enables you to compare suppliers, sort them by cost and expenses and more.

The last step is to assign one person to manage this all. Pick a reliable, organised person that’s going to keep notes all in one place for you to view over. They don’t need to be the person that makes decisions, but they do need to be friendly and welcoming to your suppliers and meticulous in their gathering of data and accuracy.

ScanMarket Method

One innovative new way of managing your suppliers (and much more) is to use the genius platform from ScanMarket! We’ll give you a quick overview here, but you can find out much more at

Their platform works by collating all supplier information and data in one place. The platform gives you complete control – you decide which suppliers you use, comparing all of them easily with a few clicks. Furthermore, the platform is efficient when it comes to data gathering: suppliers can access their profile and update information including addresses, phone numbers etc. without needing you to do it!

Other features of the platform include messaging functions so all conversations with suppliers are stored safe in one place for future reference. You can also search and review suppliers, all within the platform! This is a simple way to organise and it means you can check the platform at any time and know that it’s completely organised automatically.

We really love ScanMarket’s thinking. Their platforms for supplier management, auctions and esourcing are all super useful and will help push you company into the future. Be sure to get in touch with them to find out how they can help you!

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