How to redecorate a classic bedroom

How to redecorate a classic bedroom

After spending a tough time in the office or school, bedroom is the only thing we want to lay on to ease all the stress. Hence, taking time to style and decorate it is highly crucial – and it doesn’t need to be painful and expensive!

But, when is the best time to redecorate the bedroom?

You don’t need to necessarily spruce up a bedroom every so often, as updating it will be best option most of the times. A bedroom must be a place of relaxation which enables you to get a good night sleep. Thus, updating it through the years is important.

Some experts advise repainting the walls every 12 to 24 months. Every few years, you need to re-evaluate your bedroom and decide which additional items or pieces it needs for a renovation. This may include getting a great mirror or others. Though, you don’t need to change the overall ambiance and appearance of your bedroom.

Bedroom styling ideas any homeowners can try

Styling a bedroom is really excruciating and we want to remove it by proposing some bedroom styling ideas you may want to try. Check them out below!

Use proper lighting 

A bedroom doesn’t only need any kind of light. In order to achieve an intimate mood and ambiance, integrate numerous lighting sources, which include mounted ceiling lights and bedside lamps. Candles can be a perfect addition as well, especially if the room does not have a roaring fireplace.

Try using natural materials and calming colors

Most professionals advise to go for soothing colors and natural materials when it comes to colors and textures. Do not use bold graphic patterns; turn to tinier intimate patterns instead because they convey sumptuous, rich textures. Homeowners can also use cozy knits, faux-fur pillows, and throw pillows in neutral tones.

Opt for a dramatic, quality bed

Equip the room with a 4-poster for an ultimate tranquil room. A streamlined version with no fabric or cross beams and with simple posts is best for those who are not fond of frills or curtains. You should also consider installing a fitted wardrobe inside your bedrooms for increased practicality. Capital Bedrooms offers top-quality fitted wardrobes in London at reasonable price tags.

Paint it!

Paint the bedroom’s wall for a more attractive, cozy look. Choosing the right paint color is just easy peasy especially if you already have larger items like furniture and fabrics chosen. Narrow down the paint colors you desire or need most to two or three. Start by painting small patches first to get an idea whether or not is matches well with your room.

Add area rugs

After getting out of bed or shower room, a soft surface on the floor must be the one a person touches first. However, you don’t have to lay down a carpet, an area rug will do. It provides your feet practical, soft warmth while adding an added brio of texture.

Incorporate wood

Adding touches of wood is another clever move, regardless of how big or small the bedroom is. It adds a sense of warmth specifically when used on the walls. It can be a limed oak paneling, board cladding, or anything you think will best complement with your room.

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