Jonah Engler – Stay Safe and Protected in New York!

Stay Safe and Protected in New York

New York is a safe city however there are minor incidents of crime, fraud and scam in the city. If you are traveling to New York for the first time, ensure you are aware of the tourist spots and stick to them. There are many street vendors that are scammers and they are always on the lookout for tourists. They carry goods with them saying they are from Tiffany. Travelers do get confused. They take them to be genuine and buy them. Later they realize that the goods are fake. When you are in New York city, do not buy from these street vendors at all. Go to stores and buy genuine goods.

Jonah Engler- keeping yourself safe in New York

New York is a tourist’s paradise, however, there are places you must be careful about. Jonah Engler is an investment professional in New York and he says that Bronx, Harem and Central Park are places you must avoid in the night. Crimes and criminals frequent the place and if you really are bold enough to test them out, go in the day time. There are some well-dressed people who are actually pickpockets. They might distract you with a friendly dog or say that they need a ticket to travel as they have lost their wallet. They approach gullible tourists and are successful in stealing wallets and other valuable from them. Be cautious and do not allow any stranger to take advantage of you at all!

Airport and hotels

Once you land in New York, never take rides from strangers. You may be tempted to save some extra money by getting a shuttle service however only get on shuttles and taxis that have NY marked on them. You will find cabs that do not have NY marked on them and they are risky for you to travel in as they are not licensed and insured.

Keep the doors of your hotel shut all the time

Even in hotels, keep the door tightly shut. The house keeping staff generally have keys to the room and they come in to clean as scheduled. However, when you are receiving visitors ensure you know who is coming in. Hotels have open hallways and you do not know hotel staff or a registered guest. If your room has a peep-hole, look through it before you open the door. Keep your valuables safe and travel documents in a protected place.

Jonah Engler says you should know the transportation facilities of the area when you travel. Speak to people who have traveled to New York before you come for important tips. In case, you wish to know more about the city carry maps and check credible resources online. Manhattan and Times Square are safe for tourists and after terrorist activities the police have beefed up security in most parts of New York and the rest of America. Travel with knowledge and avoid scammers and fraud. Your trip to the city should be a memorable one for you to remember for life!

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