Launch of Improvement Projects by Canadian Health Organizations

Canadian Health Organizations

Several teams focus on providing community-based care

Ottawa, Canada – April 26, 2017 – The Canadian Foundation for Health Services Improvement (CFHSS) today unveiled nine new projects to improve health services in Canada for the coming year as part of its The flagship scholarship program. The goal is to find innovative ways to transfer care from the hospital to the patient’s home or community.

Designed by health organizations in Quebec, Ontario, British Columbia and Nova Scotia, these projects were selected as part of the EXTRA FORCES program, a 14-month, fully bilingual The team-based FCASS, the only one of its kind in Canada. The teams of managers and health care providers develop, implement and evaluate a major quality improvement project that has strategic value for their organization and their region.

This year, EXTRA is focused on integrating care across services, sectors and providers to deliver high-quality care at home or in the community. This can be achieved by improving the transition of care between departments, agencies or provinces and territories, or shifting acute care at home or in the community.

The selected projects are:

  • The Montérégie-Ouest Integrated Health and Social Services Center (CISSS): Innovate to provide care and services in the community to victims of stroke *
  • Integrated Center for Health and Social Services (CIUSSS) in Center-Sud-de-l’Île-de-l’Île-de-Montréal (Quebec): Integrate services offered at Notre-Dame Hospital at the CIUSSS in Center-Sud- Montreal Island to better meet patient needs and allow for a better transition from hospital to community care *
  • Integrated Center for Health and Social Services (CISSS) in Chaudière-Appalaches, Quebec: Optimizing the role of recipient attendants in the delivery of patient care in long-term care facilities
  • Integrated Center for Health and Social Services (CIUSSS) of Saguenay-Lac-St-Jean (Québec): Organizing pediatric palliative care to provide quality local care in accordance with best practices *
  • Integrated Center for Health and Social Services (CISSS) in Montérégie-Est (Québec): Patient-resource involvement in the analysis of serious adverse events
  • Integrated Center for Health and Social Services (CISSS) of the Montérégie Center (Québec): Develop a pilot room, an innovative management tool accessible to the three CISSS in the region, in the offices of the Montérégie that will allow coordinated public health activities to improve the health of the population
  • Ottawa Cancer Foundation, Ontario: Deploy Cancer Management, an innovative service that offers a cancer patient the opportunity to meet with a health care provider such as a nurse or social worker To answer questions that are important to him / her *
  • British Columbia Cancer Agency and Fraser Health, British Columbia: Improving the Community Oncology Network in British Columbia *
  • Nova Scotia Health Authority (Nova Scotia): Adopting the philosophy At home primarily within the Nova Scotia Health Authority and elsewhere ** These projects highlight the main objective of this year’s program.

    For more than 10 years, EXTRA has supported 372 health professionals in 136 organizations that have undertaken 220 evidence-informed improvement projects. It builds the capacity of leaders and health organizations to deliver, sustain and deliver improvements and contribute to the creation of a pan-Canadian community of leaders dedicated to innovation.

    Former EXTRA projects have brought significant improvements in patient care, health outcomes and value for money. The program has resulted in a number of sustainable projects across the country. The EXTRA project, led by teams from the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority, aimed to reduce the use of antipsychotics in long-term care facilities. The CFHSS has also begun to disseminate this approach in Canadian facilities through collaborative projects Reducing the use of antipsychotics in long-term care and appropriate use of antipsychotics in New Brunswick .

    Several partner organizations support the EXTRA program. For a complete list of our partners, visit the CFHS website .

    Learn more about FORCES 2017-2018 and their projects .


    “By providing home and community care rather than hospital care, we can ensure that more Canadians get the best care in the right place. These types of partnerships and innovative projects will go a long way toward creating a high-quality, patient-centered health care system. ”
    The Honorable Jane Philpott, Minister of Health

    “Supporting teams of innovators is critical to improving our health care system and providing high quality integrated care to Canadians. The Canadian Foundation for the Improvement of Health Services is committed to working hand-in-hand with health service leaders. I am delighted that a great number of people support our priority to provide care at home or in the community. ”
    Maureen O’Neil, OC, President of the FCASS

    The Canadian Foundation for Health Services Improvement identifies proven innovations and accelerates their dissemination across Canada, improving patient care, population health and value for money. The CFHFA is a not-for-profit organization funded by Health Canada.

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