Local Sports and Essential Transport Solutions

Local Sports and Essential Transport Solutions

Sport has always been popular among the young people in the UK, and with regenerated interest in many team games, such as football and rugby, many local teams join together to play in leagues they create. The league might comprise of 5 or 6 counties, and with each team playing every other team, both home and away, there is an evident logistics problem, as every away team must arrange suitable transport. Some teams would have to travel several hundred miles to compete, and this demands a professional coach supplier who also has experienced drivers.

Small Clubs

While some will ask the players and supporters to help out with away game transportation, often a coach is the ideal solution. If the club has a small budget, the players, staff and fans would club together to pay for the transport.

National Level Sports

The list of sports is endless, and in the UK, would include the following disciplines:

  • Football (men and women)
  • Rugby
  • Cricket
  • Hockey
  • American Football

At national level, teams often have to play abroad, and if the venue is in Europe, a coach is the obvious choice. Sometimes more than one vehicle is required, as some teams travel with the full set of substitutes, then you have the coaching staff and the physiotherapist, and this can all add up to close to 50 people.

The Right Travelling Environment

Travelling vast distances to play important games can have a negative effect on the team’s performance, and this doesn’t only apply to the top tier teams. A four hour coach journey could really hamper the team’s general well-being, so they like to use coach hire companies that offer VIP vehicles. If, for example, you are a team manager who is looking for a coach hire company in London, there are excellent companies that serve the Home Counties and most of southern England.

Major League Teams

These not only require suitable transport for their squad on away game days, they also have thousands of supporters who will be cheering their team on. Some would take their own cars, while others would go by rail, but a majority would use the coach service that the club arranges on their behalf. Imagine a football team such as Liverpool playing at Wembley in the FA Cup final, and with 40,000 supporters heading down the M1, an incredible number of coaches would be required, and several coach companies would have to join forces to be able to handle the operation.


Obviously, the visiting team must arrive in good time, and a late showing could cost them the game. Even arriving 30 minutes before kickoff would force the players to hurriedly prepare and that could be the difference between winning and losing, so reliability is a major factor for any team travel.

Most teams would arrange their away game transportation as soon as the fixture draw has been made, and if they are happy with their existing carrier, so much the better, but failing that, the club might want 2 or even 4 quotes for the entire season contract.

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