Make an Impact with Affordable Finishing Touch

Make an Impact with Affordable Finishing Touch

Among billion ways to add character and refresh the look of a plain room the simplest and most transformative idea is crown moulding and baseboard installation.

From times of ancient Greece, when builders and craftsmen chiseled ornate mouldings from travertine stone or from plaster and carved in stone or marbler, till our days its main function has remained the same – to transform and separate the area wall – ceiling or floor, to decorate interior or even to hide details of paint or paper.Only with advanced construction methods, it has become rather simple to use ready-made designs of different styles to create your own interior. Nowadays a wide range of mouldings are manufactured from plaster, solid miled or reformed wood and sometimes of plastic.

Framing a wall or ceiling with crown moulding and baseboard makes a perfect match in terms of style and size. It only seems that you have to be an architect to orchestrate such a thing, but this is not really— baseboard installation can be done as a DIY project as well. Besides, this choice is connected with your budget and level of skills. Considering of hiring a pro or installing baseboard yourself, keep in mind laborious work, improper measurements, lack of time, tools and sometimes patience. If you are handy enough, ready to deal with the hassle of cutting trim and measuring, then try to create your own masterpiece like ancient Greek craftsmen.

Find out here the average cost of professional baseboard installation.

  • Standard installation of crown moulding ( including labour and materials) costs$8-$12 a foot ( or around $300-$500 per 10×10-foot room). Baseboard installation is $325-$450 (for 500 feet two-story house). Installation as a part of a larger flooring or remodeling job is $1.50-$2 a foot.
  • Specific designs, textures, techniques and conditions can increase the cost of materials and labour up to $25-$35 a foot ($1,000-$1,400 for 10×10-foot room).
  • Materials for DIY moulding installation vary from 90 cents to $3 a foot for wood composite, the most expensive is hardwoods – about $40 – $260 for 10×10 room.

Materials for a DIY baseboard installation are 65-90 cents a foot of traditional wood composite baseboards (average cost for framing 20×20-foot room $50-$75).

  • Precut corner pieces are about $8- $20 each, depending on type of material, size and style.

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