Make your American Dream Come True Through Monument Immigration

Through Monument Immigration

For many people, the Green Card is the eventual icon of accomplishment. After years of waiting through accumulations or fantasizing of coming to America, the card is the proof of triumph. Holding the Green Card in their hands, they can blow a sigh of halt that all their hard work paid off. Because the Green Card is held in such high esteem, many clients face many obstacles to get one. Monument immigration facilitiesfast, fair, affordable legal counsel that gets the job done quickly. The immigration lawyers in albuquerque nm provides services at affordable charges.

The immigration lawyers at Monument has helped many people successfully file their Green Card applications, but there is still a slight confusion surrounding the progression for many people. Many people choose not to prefer not to choose an attorney because of high fee, but the immigration lawyers in Albuquerque nm provides services at affordable cost. One of the biggest doubts for new applicants is thinking out why their application could be denied. The following issues could reason your application to be deferred or denied.

  • Security and Legal Status
  • Public Charge
  • Health
  • Application Error
  • Human error

A criminal record can easily derail the efforts to obtain a Green Card—especially prostitution, drug trading, scam, money laundering, and other serious crimes. Trying to enter the US in order to involve in terrorism or other security threats will cause a rejection of the Green Card application.If the government finds the applicant at-risk to become reliant on government care and economic support after becoming a resident, then the Green Card application may be rejected. The analysts check the applicant’s health, family status, available resources and assets, as well as education in order to definethe individual status.

However, if somebody has given a signed confirmation of support for candidate application, it’s highly unlikely candidate Green Card will be declined for monetary reasons.One of the necessities for Green Card application is a full medical exam accompanied by a doctor who is legalized by the government. Negative fallouts such as risky infectious diseases, a lack of proper vaccinations, drug addiction, or life-threatening mental/physical complaints can all lead to a rejection of Green Card application. Sometimes manual errors can also be the reason for Green Card rejection.

The immigration attorneys support the aspirants about the Green Card authorization process because they have high knowledge and capability. Several immigration lawyers have been working for years but, some of the lawyers give only less consideration and response. Not all immigration lawyers are affordable and some attorneys quarry on the fact that the immigration procedure is so time-consuming, and get away with high charging. Applicants are enforced to hurdle through many hoops to get a Green Card, especially when it comes to payments, forms, and proper credentials. Many applicants have been rejected because they have not selected an immigration attorney. A few small errors can make to start the process all over again. The attorneys can help to process the application as quickly and thoroughly as possible.

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