Mark Borghi Palm Beach talks about the similarities & differences between the contemporary & modern art

Modern art

Few people think that both contemporary and modern art are the same while other people are of the opinion that there are no similarities between these two types of arts. However, it is important to note that both the contemporary and modern art have some kind of similarities as well as differences.

Mark Borghi Palm Beach explains about the similarities and differences that the contemporary and modern art shares

Modern art has been the style that has been predominant during the period of 1860’s to 1970’s. The modern art during this time period tried to escape the inflexible philosophies of traditional paintings and focused mostly on experimentation and abstraction. On the other hand, contemporary art is the art style of the 21st century and are typically created as social observations instead of solely being a standpoint of an artist.

Mark Borghi being an art enthusiast said a large number of people often treats modern art and contemporary art as the same thing. But each genre boasts unique facets. For instance, in the modern art, impressionism, cubism, and surrealism are considered as the leading styles of artistic expression. In fact, certain experts describe modern art as the art of open-minded artistic expression.

On the other hand, according to Mark Borghi Palm Beach contemporary art is the art form that started after the modern art era passed away. In this era artists sought a new outlook and started using state of the art techniques. Budding artists belonging to the contemporary art movement use artistic expression to comment on social problems, politics, and the economic state. Even though there are so many differences between the two genres of art, there are certain similarities between them as well. For instance, contemporary art follows the era of modern art. Moreover, it is said that the artists of the modern era actually laid the foundation of contemporary art. And in fact the contemporary arts have been inspired or influenced by the past movements of the modern art even though the contemporary artworks use a range of techniques and materials which may include new technologies such as three-dimensional, computers, performances and live elements, etc.

As per Mark Borghi Palm Beach both modern and contemporary art are two distinctive art era and both of them has many similarities as far as the style is concerned. Mark Borghi is the owner of Mark Borghi Fine Art which specializes in American Post-War Art and also maintains a strong inventory of the European Modern, Contemporary Art, and New York School. Apart from being an art enthusiast, Mark Borghi is an art dealer as well. His art gallery Mark Borghi Fine Art is located in Palm Springs and Bridgehampton as well as New York. The art gallery showcases a range of artworks by some of the most famous artists such as Christopher Wool, Andy Warhol, Joan Mitchell, Larry Poons, Jackson Pollock, Roy Lichtenstein, Hans Hoffman, Jean-Michael Basquiat and Richard Prince.

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