MBA Logistics & Supply Chain Management Graduates are on High Demand

MBA Logistics & Supply Chain Management Graduates are on High Demand

Master of Business Administration or MBA Logistics & Supply Chain Management provides the graduates excellent opportunities for a successful career outlook in the field of business management. This section, at present, is one of the fastest growing areas of the business management, and the industry is searching for new ways in order to increase the profits, accordingly by improving the delivery services. Some of the areas where these professionals work are- warehousing and transportation of various products, inventory management and so forth.

An MBA degree in this specialization subject of Logistic and Supply Chain Management offers flexibility in job applications. The scope is immense as India is expected to improve in this field widely. With the increasing demand of these professionals, reputed management institutes have started to upgrade the specialization programs. Aspiring students are seeking guidance for this specialization subjects and the career scope it will offer. So, to facilitate the students, here we have come with the analysis of a few major job profiles of this specialization subject.

  • Facility Manager: Candidates with the work experience in the core engineering branches like Mechanical, Electrical, Civil are preferred for this role. These professionals oversee the daily operation in a plant or any other industry. They are in charge of various duties, starting from the production and manufacturing to following the policies and procedures.
  • Distribution Manager: The key responsibility of these professionals is to arrange the storage and distribution of goods. Apart from that, they are required to make sure that the right products are delivered to the right location and on time. They get involved in stock control, transportation and so on.
  • Supply Chain Manager: Supply Chain Managers basically deal with much wider scope of responsibilities. They get engaged in every aspect of business process, starting from planning and purchasing to distribution and customer service. They plan entire supply chain process and manage them all.

However, if you want to earn the master’s degree in this particular specialization subject, then you should complete your BBA Logistics & Supply Chain Management with the minimum percentage required. These will offer you to gain proper knowledge and skill sets, which will accordingly help you to sketch a successful career graph.


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