Muscle pain slowing you down? Here’s help

how to get rid of muscle pain

Muscle pain can restrict mobility and force you to make lifestyle changes. But you can free yourself if you know how to get rid of muscle pain.

Muscle pain is an integral part of most people’s lives, whether they are athletes or people with jobs involving travel. Fatigued, stressed out muscles can ache and become prone to soreness. You must know how to get rid of muscle pain before it becomes problematic.

The following is an easy guide to equip you with the knowledge of how to get rid of muscle pain, and to take simple corrective steps:

* Take away the stress triggers. Knowing how to get rid of muscle pain begins with identifying the stress or pain triggers. These could be anything, ranging from the position you sleep in to whether you are prone to making sudden moves that sprain your muscles. The next time you experience a painful or sore muscle, recollect the behaviour or incident that started the pain. If it is a habit that you have – not sitting up straight, sleeping in a weird position, lunging forward to pick up something from the floor – then you need to eliminate it.

* Alter your habits. Now that you are aware of specific behaviours and habits that cause muscle pain and fatigue, you need to effect a change so that pain is banished from your life forever. If sprinting too fast on the treadmill gives you sore calves and ankles, try running in bursts of 2 minutes alternated with 2 minutes of walking. If your back muscles seize up in the course of a day, try stretching and alternating periods of sitting with periods of activity. Muscles need to be stimulated and stretched periodically, else they will begin to atrophy and hurt.

* Keep active. It might sound strange to prod a painful muscle into further activity, but light exercise or simple stretching may actually alleviate the pain. When you exercise, there is increased blood flow to the muscles, tissues, and all organs of the body. This stimulates the muscle and helps the healing process, especially if there is fluid build-up due to soreness or inflammation. In any case, your muscles must be toned regularly with exercise and stretching.

* Rest adequately. Your muscles hurt less and recoup faster if you rest sufficiently in the night. The body heals itself while you sleep, so good quality sleep is essential to remove stress-related muscle aches and pains. If you have been putting in a lot of late nights, it is time to switch off all gadgets and hit the sack as early as you can. Resting adequately can help the painful muscles get back into form.

* Use a pain relieving cream or spray. Sometimes, muscle pain can be so debilitating that it can alter the way you move or carry out your day. You certainly cannot take the day off every time there is a muscle pain (unless there is a tear or injury). So how to get rid of muscle pain when you need to work? Just apply a good pain relieving cream or spray and let it work on the painful muscle. Take care not to rub hard or excessively prod the painful muscle – it is already quite fragile and prone to easy tearing.

These simple tips will help you get rid of muscle pain in no time. But if you suspect a tear or internal injury, it is best to get a scan and advice from your doctor for proper healing.


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