North Dakota Area Codes

North Dakota Area Codes

Most states use several area codes because of high populations, but North Dakota only has one. Even though the state is the 19th largest by area, it is the 4thleast densely populated state with just over 750,000 residents as of 2017. Area code 701 was established in North Dakota in 1947 as one of the original 86 area codes and has been serving the entire state, without change, ever since. The following infographic from provides tons of facts about this Great Plains state and its population growth. Keep reading to learn more about North Dakota and area code 701.

north dakota area codes

Area code 701 covers 53 counties within North Dakota and several important sites, including The Geographic Center of North America, Theodore Roosevelt National Park, and White Butte. It is one of the only area codes in the U.S. to still split between multiple LATAs (local access and transport areas). These are Bismarck and Fargo. Bismarck has a population of 82,423 and Fargo has a population of 112,553. It’s expected that as the population of North Dakota approaches one million, a new area code or overlay code will need to be introduced. This is likely to happen by 2022, especially since cell phone use has been increasing rapidly in the Bismarck, Fargo, and Grand Forks areas.

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