Numerous motivational characteristics of Anavar

Numerous motivational characteristics of Anavar

Anavar, the trade name of the hormone Oxandrolone was released by G.D. Searle & Co during the 1960s. Due to its mild nature, it is used safely by both men and women. It is a derivative of dihydrotestosterone like some other anabolic steroids such as Masteron, Winstrol and Primobolan. It is highly anabolic but very less androgenic. The anabolic strength of this steroid is three times than that of testosterone. This compound is favored by bodybuilders and athletes because it has the ability to enhance performance. It is used to reduce body fat while retaining muscle without water retention. For female users, it can be a great off-season bulking compound.

This steroid has numerous medical benefits. It is prescribed for the treatment of patients suffering from involuntary weight loss due to some infection, injury or illness. Further, it is used in treating body muscle loss for cancer and HIV positive patients. This drug has the quality to restore and maintain body weight besides aiding in the healing of the wound. To get the desired lean physique, it can be taken either by itself or in a stack. It is mostly preferred by female users as it is very mild. Men can take higher doses to get the desired results. Find out more here about this compound and its various stacking choices.

Stacking options

In male athletes, it is highly recommended to stack this steroid with testosterone. Including testosterone to the stack will not only counteract its production but shall magnify the results of the cycle. The test supplements like Testosterone Enanthate or Testosterone Sustanon is used to maintain its balance. Further, it prevents low libido and energy loss. Adding Dianabol to the stack adds bulk and provides a rounded cycle. The professional users stack Dianabol for a 12 weeks cycle. Dbol is used for four weeks and this medication is included during the remaining 6 weeks and this break up reduces liver toxicity.

Stacking with Proviron is a popular one. Proviron provides energy and enthusiasm to the users during workouts. This compound is not used throughout the cycle but mainly towards the end to increase energy. This drug does not contribute in bodybuilding. Women actually benefit from this steroid during their off-season period. It helps female users to gain huge mass and lean muscle tissue at low dosages. Women see greater results than men in cutting phase. In females, it makes a striking difference in their appearance. Moreover, towards the end of the cycle, it provides muscle toning. Correct Stacking with other anabolic steroids produces better results.

Anavar only cycle

Considering the mild nature of the steroid, many athletes benefit from its use. This steroid is not estrogenic, therefore, relying on other compounds to reduce estrogenic side effects is not required. Find out more here about the benefits of only this steroid cycle. Bodybuilders get the best results when used in cutting. It is a great steroid for muscles hardening and vascularity. Additionally, it maintains lean muscle mass, reduces appetite during calorie deficiency and increases strength. Another benefit from this compound only cycle is lesserside effects for women. A small dose of 10mg daily can help in bulking. The risk of virilization is low too. Using it in a cutting cycle maintains muscle mass during calorie burning.

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