Peter Galgano Talks on Reason for the Co-existence of Rap and Sports

Peter Galgano Talks on Reason for the Co-existence of Rap and Sports

Rap and Sports connection goes a long way. So much so that you can virtually hear a rap song every time you tune in to watch an NBA match. While this is true, many of sportsmen have found fame as rappers. In fact, so strong is the connection that even ESPN sports recognize it. Primarily, this is restricted to boxers and basketball players yet the word is out in the world that hip-hop is the next big thing. So, generally, this generation has accepted hip-hop with open arms and integrated it all kinds of sports. Peter Galgano says, this genre of music goes a little too well with sports. Whether it’s skating, basketball, racing or boxing – rapping sums up life in an easy nutshell.

And this is visible the kind of recognition they get in each other’s field.  An increasingly large number of players use rap music or quotes from rap songs while referring to sports events. This goes for any kind of outcomes. Win or lose- there’s a perfect rap reference for every NBA game. Same goes in the music world where a large number of songs are inspired by sports events and mentioned in the lyrics. Boxers and NBA players even feature on rap videos and gain huge profit through it.

Despite all this, the reason for the strong connection between rap and music is unknown to the public, especially to the elder generations. It’s somewhat easy for the younger lot to comprehend this phenomenon but others remain in the dark. So, here are some insights on what links these two.

  • The quick and instantaneous action

Both rap music and its associated sports such as basketball, boxing etc. are a quick and relatively easy way of delaying. It’s not a complicated genre. Practice is still the essence here but both of them have an immediate take on life. They clearly demarcate the necessity of this generation in a straight razor sharp manner and both don’t require much time. A game of boxing or basketball is high paced, swift-flowing and last for a few minutes. Rapping too follows that dictum. It’s momentous immediate and lasts just a few minutes. You don’t need to ponder over it.

  • It’s easy and acceptable to all

As per Peter Galgano, the young urban youth has lesser time and lesser space to live in. Their aspirations are big but the time is far less at hand. They want quick solutions. Moreover, this urban generation likes cool trendy things, which accepts them as it is, with their eccentricities. Rapping and sports like basketball and boxing perfectly fits the bill in this regard. You don’t need many facilities to practice them and hence this is convenient for the urban youth living under space crunch. So, this has become an integral part of their lifestyle. Virtually speaking, there’s no difference between the locker room and recording studio. As they are humming, buzzing and reacting with a rap in the locker room and using the same lyrics to record a rap song in the studio. It’s that easy and acceptable. This has led to the boom in the rap music in the 2000s where rappers showcased themselves in jerseys while rapping on a video.

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